What Steps Are Involved In A Complete Roof Replacement?

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complete roof replacement

Is your roof no longer in its prime? It may be time to consider a complete roof replacement.

It’s a big task and can be quite intimidating for any homeowner. Below are the typical steps that take place in a complete roof replacement.

You may have seen some of the signs that indicate it is time for a new roof. What type of roof are you looking to install? Most of the time, you are just replacing the original roof, but it’s worthwhile to be aware of the different roofing options, should you want to make a change.

6 Steps Involved In A Complete Roof Replacement

These are the steps you can expect when getting a new roof:

Materials Are Delivered To Your Home

The first step in the roof replacement process is to have your chosen materials delivered to your home. This is usually done by your contractor on the day of the operation. Make sure to store the materials in a safe, dry place that is accessible to the roofers once the operation commences.

It is a wise step to ensure that you clear the surrounding area of anything that can be damaged during a complete roof replacement. This means moving your vehicles away from potential debris zones or placing protective material over vulnerable objects on your property.

Removing valuable wall hangings inside your home is a worthwhile precaution since they can become dislodged during the roofing process. Lastly, it is the neighborly thing to inform next-door households of excessive noise or dust so that they know what to expect!

Tear Off the Roof!

Your chosen contractors will then start methodically tearing off the old roof, one section at a time. Once all materials, such as shingles, tiles, or metal are removed, your inner deck will be exposed and ready for inspection. Your deck may need some repairs too, depending on its condition.

Clear The Gutters

Once the roof has been removed, it’s time to clear out your gutters. Any existing blockages, leaves, sticks, or even debris from the roof replacement process are cleaned out. This way, your gutters are looking as good as new to go with your new roof!

Roof Installation

Before contractors start installing your roofing materials, they conduct an inspection of existing support structures and replace any damaged materials. In the case of a shingle or metal roof, an underlayment will be applied to provide protection and waterproofing to your home. The materials can then be applied immediately. This is generally done systematically and professionally, working from the bottom edges and up.

The Clean-up

A professional and responsible step is to conduct a clean-up of the roof and surrounding area of any and all debris. The contractor should carry this out carefully and thoroughly.

Final Inspection

Job done! It’s now time to inspect the end product. This inspection will make sure the roof follows legal regulations in local building codes. Building codes can be occasionally strict, particularly in areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions. While these inspections can be tedious, it is to ensure that your home is able to withstand high-velocity storms that are known to happen in South Florida.

Complete Roof Replacement And More In South Florida

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