What Are The Benefits Of Flat Deck Insulation

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If you’re in the commercial warehouse or workshop industry, you’ll probably have a flat roof deck. Flat roofing is popular in commercial spaces because of its scalability. With hot, wet South Florida summers, flat deck insulation is an important consideration. The last thing you want is water or heat damage to your merchandise. Flat deck insulation comes with some key benefits. If you’re wondering if your insulation is sufficient, or if you even have any, then keep reading.

What Is Flat Deck Insulation

Flat deck roof insulation consists of materials such as wood fiber, polystyrene, and cellular glass. These materials all have excellent insulation properties. Roof deck insulation forms a protective insulating layer on top of your roof deck.

There are two approaches to flat deck insulation. Warm flat roof insulation, and cold flat roofing insulation. Warm Deck insulation works by installing insulation on top of the roof. Cold flat roof insulation is placed between your roof joists.

Four Benefits of Flat Deck Insulation

Here are four key benefits of flat roofing insulation:

Cooler During The Summer

Summers in South Florida can be unbearably hot! Flat deck insulation helps to lower the temperature inside the building by capturing heat. This means that your building won’t bake in the sun. We all want to keep our warehouse employees happy and keep our stock from getting ruined.

Another key benefit of flat roof insulation is that it regulates temperature. Businesses are required to uphold certain industrial temperature regulations. This means that your temperature will be more consistent throughout the day. When it comes to stock management, temperature regulation is important! Too many temperature shifts can cause sensitive stock to get ruined.

Save On Energy Bills

We all know how much our energy bills can add up from using the air-conditioner. Although they’re effective at cooling buildings, air conditioners come with a high running cost. Insulation is a great way to lower the temperature, which means you’ll need to rely less on air-conditioners. The nature of a flat roof is that it’s positioned to receive large amounts of heat. Protective insulation layers are designed to capture heat and prevent it from transferring. We’d all love to save on high energy bills, and with flat deck insulation, we can.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Better insulation results in lower carbon emissions. The less your building uses air-conditioners, the lower its carbon footprint. Buildings throughout the world account for 28% of global CO2 emissions and 30% of global energy use! A flat deck commercial roofing specialist will be able to advise on the best insulation solution for your building. You’ll be well on your way towards becoming carbon-neutral.

Easy Ongoing Maintenance

Make sure you use a highly reputable roofer to install your flat roofing insulation. By doing so, you’ll receive a high-quality installation that will last for years to come. When you use quality materials, ongoing maintenance requirements are lower.

The Flat Deck Insulation Specialists

Our professional team at AABCO Roofing is ready to help with your flat roof insulation requirements. At AABCO we specialize in all roofing services. Whether it’s a residential or commercial roof repair or replacement, you can count on AABCO. We cover Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, and the Deerfield Beach area. Call us at 954-426-8500 to book a roof consult today.

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