Rooftop Tips

19th Jan
loose roof tiles

The Dangers Of Loose Roof Tiles

The roof of your house keeps you safe and dry, and like the rest of a home, needs to be maintained regularly. Loose roof tiles can cause havoc to your home. Things such as strong winds and harsh sun or other extreme weather conditions puts even the toughest of roofs to the test! With hurricane season over in South Florida,…

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12th Jan
replacement skylight

How To Determine If You Need A Replacement Skylight

There are several telltale signs that your skylight needs replacement. Having a skylight in your home is a valuable asset to you as the homeowner who can enjoy plenty of natural light and stargazing while indoors, but it also can add to the market value of your property. This feature gives any room a unique beauty and a modern feel…

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29th Dec
shingle repair

The Shingle Repair Process

Shingle repair is incredibly important to get done right, as poorly installed shingles can and will lead to leaks and other damage to your home. Luckily, a properly installed shingle will last decades and provide all the protection your house needs. So, do it right the first time, and you won’t have to worry for a long time. Step 1:…

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22nd Dec
warehouse roofing

Best Warehouse Roofing To Protect Your Contents

Warehouse roofing, just like warehouses, is often a forgotten matter. Most people don’t ever need to think about them in their lifetime, yet they rely on them to store some of their most important goods. This means we need warehouses that have solid roofs, allowing you to store your goods for years at a time and not worry about any…

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15th Dec
residential re-roofing

How To Prepare For Your Residential Re-Roofing

Getting your roof replaced is not something that you’ll do every few years. So chances are high that you may not know what to expect when it comes to residential re-roofing or how you should prepare for it. What To Expect There are a few things that will happen during this process. Remember that we will be there to assist…

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8th Dec
weather resistant roof

What Is The Difference Between A Normal And Weather Resistant Roof?

The types of residential roofing material you decide to use for your home can make or break your home. There are a variety of options to choose from including tile roofing, shingle roofing, flat roofing, rubber roofing and metal roofing. Each type of roofing has its own unique advantages and disadvantages ranging from price to durability. As a homeowner living…

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24th Nov
modified bitumen systems

A Modified Bitumen Systems Guide

We are beginning to see more and more modified bitumen systems being installed. Previously, they were generally only used for commercial roofs but many homeowners are also opting for this system. They are durable and hold up well against all weather conditions, meaning that they have a substantial lifespan. What Is A Modified Bitumen System? This roofing system is asphalt-based…

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17th Nov
flat roof maintenance

Let’s Talk Flat Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your flat roof is essential to ensure that your building, your contents, and your family are safe. It’s a worthwhile investment and will definitely pay off in the long run. Different types of roofs require different types of upkeep – flat roofs are treated differently to non-flat or pitched roofs. We recommend that you know the difference…

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10th Nov
roof types

Benefits Of Popular Roof Types In South Florida

Although it may not be the initial focus of your attention when buying a home, the choice of roof type will have a major impact on the overall functionality, look, and feel of your home. Living in South Florida, you can expect a lot of sun, rain and wind. This climate will influence your home structure and roof design. Due…

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3rd Nov
roof vents

What Are Roof Vents and Why Do You Need Them

Florida is known for its warm and pleasant weather conditions. Although a popular tourist destination, it is also a favored area to live. This means that when looking to buy, renovate, or build a home, you must consider the impact of the climate on various structures, such as roof vents. Commonly referred to as “the Sunshine State”, winters in Florida…

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