Rooftop Tips

21st Feb
Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete Tile Roof Problems & Repairs

Concrete and clay tile roofs are often seen as an aesthetically pleasing and practical alternative to shingles, wood, and other roofing materials. Concrete roof tiles also have the benefit of being naturally fire-resistant and relatively long-lasting, with a single tile being able to last anywhere between 15 and 30 years. Unfortunately, like all other roofing options, concrete tiles do come…

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14th Feb
Roofing Questions

The Most Commonly Asked Roofing Questions, Answered

You have questions, we have answers. Check out our most frequently asked questions about roofing. How Often Does My Roof Need Maintenance? You should check the roof’s surrounding area for anything that can cause extra damage to the roof. For example, nearby hanging trees can cause excess debris to fall on the roof, as well as prevent the roof from…

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7th Feb
roof leaking

Is Your Roof Leaking? AABCO Repairs That!

Do you check all areas of your roof regularly for leaks? If you have some areas in your home or business that don’t get as much foot traffic, be sure to check it once in a while. Roofs in Florida take the strain from our severe environmental conditions and roof leaks happen easily as a result. The problem is that…

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31st Jan
Commercial Flat Roof

Coating Your Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial property owners in South Florida have to consider an appropriate roof for their building that is durable, functional, and sustainable during the region’s rainy season and hot summers. In this article, we’ll discuss coating materials and best practices for coating your commercial flat roof. The Flat-Top Roof The flat roof is an architectural style that originated in Egypt and…

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24th Jan
Roof Fascia

Understanding Roof Fascia

The fascia is an important component of your home’s roofing system. It is important to understand why this is, how the fascia contributes to your roof’s overall structure and all the common roofing problems that fascia is typically associated with. What Is Fascia? The fascia is a vertical band under a roof edge and is visible from outside your home….

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17th Jan

Ask A Roofer: Why Is My Roof Turning Black?

Ever wondered what those black streaks on your roof might be? Here, a roofer discusses the question asked by many people living in South Florida. Why Is My Roof Turning Black? What might be mistaken as dirt or mildew is actually a type of blue-green algae, known as gloeocapsa magma. Like most types of algae, this one thrives in humid…

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10th Jan
Roof Repair

My Roof Looks “Wavy,” Do I Need A Roof Repair?

Fact: No home is complete without a roof. ​​​​​​ A roof is an important part of your haven and shelter, through all kinds of weather. This is something we all know and understand, but what happens if you notice that your roof is starting to look a little “wavy”? Does this mean you need to schedule a roof repair right…

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3rd Jan
Discount Roofing

Discount Roofing: It Doesn’t Always Pay To Save

Building a home is an expensive and often stressful task. However, knowing when to save your money and when to pay more for products and services can help to lighten the load. Be weary of claims perpetuating “discount roofing.” If a roofing contractor offers you a price much lower than others you have received it’s a red flag that should…

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30th Dec
Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance Is Important: Here’s Why

Running a business can be quite demanding. Various priorities, such as paying salaries and maintaining customer service, can take up a lot of time. This makes it easy to neglect fundamental parts of the business – such as the building that you operate in. Commercial roof maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep your building in good…

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23rd Dec
Leaky Skylight

Leaky Skylight? Diagnosis & Skylight Repair Tips

A skylight is a clever architectural feature that helps bring in natural light into the darkest of rooms. While they are a beautiful piece of design and have a number of benefits, they suffer from one major downside—leaks. All skylights are prone to leaking with age and because of the storms we often experience in Florida, skylights can lead to…

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