Rooftop Tips

17th Nov
flat roof maintenance

Let’s Talk Flat Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your flat roof is essential to ensure that your building, your contents, and your family are safe. It’s a worthwhile investment and will definitely pay off in the long run. Different types of roofs require different types of upkeep – flat roofs are treated differently to non-flat or pitched roofs. We recommend that you know the difference…

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10th Nov
roof types

Benefits Of Popular Roof Types In South Florida

Although it may not be the initial focus of your attention when buying a home, the choice of roof type will have a major impact on the overall functionality, look, and feel of your home. Living in South Florida, you can expect a lot of sun, rain and wind. This climate will influence your home structure and roof design. Due…

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3rd Nov
roof vents

What Are Roof Vents and Why Do You Need Them

Florida is known for its warm and pleasant weather conditions. Although a popular tourist destination, it is also a favored area to live. This means that when looking to buy, renovate, or build a home, you must consider the impact of the climate on various structures, such as roof vents. Commonly referred to as “the Sunshine State”, winters in Florida…

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27th Oct
concrete tile roof repair

Concrete Tile Roof – Repair or Replace

A roof is not only the practical shelter for your home, but it also protects the belongings and occupants inside, defines the overall look and style of a house, provides additional living space, and can make your home more energy efficient. Due to the multiple purposes of a roof, choosing the correct material is a decision to be made carefully….

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20th Oct
cracked roof tile

Don’t Dismiss Your Cracked Roof Tile

A cracked roof tile can easily be overlooked, but the effects can be felt quite harshly. The roof of your home fulfills many functions; from aesthetics, insulation, shelter and energy efficiency. If you have a crack in your roof tile, it is in your best interest to get it fixed immediately. Roof tile cracks can happen due to several causes….

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13th Oct
roof coating

Benefits of Roof Coating

Roof coating is a necessity for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It extends the lifespan of a roof by preventing water, chemical and physical damage. The simple solution offers a host of benefits, acting as both a protective measure against high and low temperatures and extending the longevity and functionality of your roof. It protects your roof against harsh weather…

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6th Oct
roofing system

Protect Your Commercial Roofing System From The Elements

The ability to withstand severe weather is the true test of your roofing system. As the first line of defense against the elements, having a dependable and durable roof is vital for the safety of your home and your family. Florida experiences a tropical climate, resulting in a heavy rainy season, thundershowers and occasional tropical cyclones or hurricanes, and sometimes…

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29th Sep
fix commercial roof leak

Top Tips to Fix a Commercial Roof Leak

There is so much more to consider when the need arises to fix a commercial roof leak. A commercial roof leak that goes unfixed extends to more than your personal belongings – you need to consider insurance and compensation risks as well. It may be tempting to bring down the cost of a repair like this by considering a DIY…

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22nd Sep
hurricane ready roof

Do You Have a Hurricane Ready Roof?

You don’t need to wait for hurricane season to be looming before making sure that you have a hurricane ready roof for this season. Maintenance is something that can be done consistently so that, when it is time to get your roof ready for the inevitable hurricane season, it isn’t going to require massive repairs. It would be much easier…

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18th Sep
affordable roofing

Choose the Affordable Roofing Solution to Suit You

When it comes to affordable roofing, you need to consider the factors that have led to the cost. There are a number of ways in which a roofing company can cut down on costs, but it is worthwhile knowing that they haven’t skimped on the important stuff. Aside from being licensed and insured, with expert experience, the materials used is…

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