Rooftop Tips

18th Jun
Roofing Systems

Which Roofing Systems Work Best In South Florida?

South Florida has some of the best seasonal weather in the United States. But it’s also known for harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains and strong winds. Added to this are the coastal humidity and fresh sea air. It’s for these reasons that choosing the right roof system is vitally important. Making the wrong roofing choice could put your…

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11th Jun
leaking roof

Don’t Neglect A Leaking Roof

Ignoring a leaking roof may be tempting because it doesn’t appear to be causing you all that much trouble. For now. We often get asked how urgent a leaking roof is and if it can wait. The truth is, delaying a leak fix will only cause you more headaches down the line. The repair job will get bigger, material costs…

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4th Jun
roof repair company

Hurricane Preparedness Tips From A Roof Repair Company

Hurricane season seems to sneak up on us every year, but this time you’re going to be prepared. Once the strong gusts of wind and heavy rain hit, your family, home, and roof need to be protected. Our roof repair company will help you prepare for hurricanes like a pro so that your family will be safe, and your roof…

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26th May
roofing systems

Roofing Systems: The History Of The Spanish Tile Roof

How often do you think about the roof above your head? Roofing systems come in many colors and aesthetics. Different styles are popular in different parts of the country. One popular and enduring roof style is the Spanish tile roof. Traditionally, these tiles are made from clay and fired into concave and convex shapes. This creates a gorgeous, wave-like ripple…

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19th May
Custom Made Skylights

Let Natural Light In With Custom Made Skylights

We all have areas in our homes that don’t get any natural light, and the rooms that are lucky enough to have good lighting in the morning lose that light as the day goes on. There’s a beautiful and straightforward solution, and it’s custom made skylights. When skylights are custom made for your home, you can choose the look, size,…

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12th May
soffit repair

Basic Roof Fixes: Soffit Repair

Roof repairs often involve shingle replacement or deteriorated flashing repairs. The roof overhang is an important area that’s often forgotten about. Soffit eaves are often the first areas to give into rot and decay over time. A soffit is tucked under the fascia boards, and a board covers the underside of your roof overhang. They often play an important role…

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5th May
stucco chimney repair

Stucco Chimney Repair Specialists In Pompano Beach

When your home needs a stucco chimney repair, you should get it fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Stucco is a mix of plaster and other materials, and it can cover several different types of construction materials, like metal, concrete, and brick. Its purpose is to cover the unsightly construction with a more visually pleasing material, but it…

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28th Apr
commercial roof maintenance

The Importance Of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Your home requires regular roof maintenance, so why not your commercial business? Maintaining the integrity of your property is vital, and roofs are easy to overlook since you don’t tend to see them unless something is wrong. But considering the number of heavy rains, hot temperatures, and harsh winds that occur in Florida, commercial roof maintenance is integral to the…

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21st Apr
roof repair

Does The Rainy Season Affect Your Roof Repair?

Roof repairs, maintenance and replacement in South Florida’s tropical climate are often juggled around summer thundershowers. The question is, just how much effect does rain have on a roof repair? Rain and Roof Repair – What’s The Deal? Some roofing projects are quick and only need a day to complete. These are easy to squeeze in on good weather days….

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14th Apr
metal roof repair

Can A Metal Roof Be Repaired?

Professionally installed metal roofs have an incredible life span. Where shingle roofs traditionally last for between 20-25 years, steel roofs can easily last for over 50 years. Having said this, no roofing material will last forever, and even metal roofs will require maintenance and repairs from time to time. But can a metal roof be repaired effectively and neatly? Here’s…

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