Rooftop Tips

24th May
Roofing Problem Areas

Top Roofing Problem Areas

No homeowner wants to deal with any roofing problems, but life happens. Without regular roofing maintenance, there can and will be a few problem areas that occur. These problem spots aren’t limited to only your roof but happen to the roofs of homeowners everywhere. One thing that you need to keep in mind with all the below mentioned problems, is…

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17th May
Roof Replacement

Common Questions About Roof Replacement

Every home, big or small, is covered by a roofing system that protects the people living inside and their belongings. Without knowing the signs, or the right questions to ask, not replacing that roofing at the right time could put all the things its designed to protect, in danger. If you think your roof needs replacing, call AABCO Roofing. Common…

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10th May
Roof Decks

The Different Types Of Roof Decks

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to roofing and its different layers. We tend to focus on the parts that we can see and forget about the others. The roof deck is an integral component of any roofing system. Depending on the weight it needs to hold, there are various types of materials that can be…

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26th Apr
Common Roof Support Problems

Common Roof Support Problems

Typically, we assess the condition of our roof by its outwards appearance. If the shingles look intact, there are no missing or loose roof tiles, and the gutter seems in place, you’d think your roof is safe and well maintained. Don’t be fooled – there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. It’s easy to forget…

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19th Apr
DIY Roof Repair

Reasons Not To DIY Roof Repair

Suppose your roof is in need of repair. Suppose you consider yourself to be the “handy man” of the house and decide to save yourself some cash by undertaking the repairs on your own. This is the mindset of many homeowners. What if we told you professional repairs can actually save your money, your time and provide a safer environment…

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12th Apr
Roof Vent

Roof Vent Tips From Your Licensed Roofer

Roof maintenance, including that of your roof vents, is a necessary task that should be undertaken by all homeowners on a regular basis. This can become a costly expense if you try to bypass quality work for the sake of price. You’ll want to use the services of an experienced, licensed residential roofer because your roof performs one of the…

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5th Apr
clean your roof

Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Roof?

We’re big advocates for regular roof maintenance all-year round. Summertime should be spent with family and friends, enjoying the weekends and not having to worry about tedious household maintenance. Our experts at Aabco Roofing have put together a spring clean checklist for you to follow to ensure that you don’t miss anything important where your residential roofing is concerned. Of…

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29th Mar
Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Your roof bears the brunt of South Florida’s harsh winds and blistering sun, which can take a toll on its life expectancy. So, how do you make sure your roof stays in good working order for as long as possible? Luckily, Aabco Roofing has you covered with these 5 top tips for roof maintenance! 1) Don’t Do It Yourself Although…

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15th Mar
Cool Roofing Systems

Cool Roofing Systems and Technology

In the last few years cool roofing systems and technology have advanced dramatically, with more people choosing environmentally friendly building materials. But does a cool roof really keep you cool? And how can you update your current roof to make it more environmentally friendly? At Aabco Roofing, we have the answers to all your burning questions. What is a Cool…

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22nd Feb

Do Solar Panels Compromise Roofing?

With our environment in the state that it’s in, many people are trying to go green and install solar panels. What we don’t tend to think about is the potential damage that these panels could be doing to our roofing. Solar panels put less stress on our wallets and natural resources, but if installed incorrectly can cost you more than…

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