Rooftop Tips

24th Mar
professional roof inspection

The Importance Of A Professional Roof Inspection Following Storm Damage

A professional roof inspection plays a crucial role when it comes to protecting your home in the event of extreme weather. If you have recently suffered storm damage, you are probably in the process of repairing your house. There are a number of problems following a storm, especially with your home and its roofing system. Having a roofing contractor come…

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17th Mar
Commercial Roofing

What is Commercial Roofing?

How far would you go to ensure that your business premises are fully protected? Sound structure? Good fire and emergency system? Comprehensive insurance plan? But what about looking at what covers your premises? What about your commercial roof? All your inventory, equipment, and personnel are protected by your roof. Here’s a look at what commercial roofing is and why it…

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10th Mar
Asphalt Roofing

How Sustainable Is Asphalt Roofing?

When building or repairing your home, you will often need to think about sustainability. The lawn and landscaping are probably the easiest to check off. What about the rest of your home? What about that part of your home that needs to fend off the elements? Your roof. Whenever a Hurricane hits the South Florida coast, thousands of homes are…

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3rd Mar
roof inspection

How Often Do I Need A Roof Inspection?

Leaking roofs are stressful, and if you have started seeing some signs early on, you are in your right mind to start worrying. However, you shouldn’t wait until you start experiencing the tell-tale signs of a leaking roof before you act. While it can take time before you realize you have problems with your roofing, you deserve to lie in…

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23rd Feb
Roof Replacement

Is It Time For A Roof Replacement?

No roof lasts forever. Our South Florida roofs are subjected to some pretty harsh weather elements. It’s easy to understand how the wind and rain may wear down a roof over time. But believe it or not, even the sun takes its toll on your roof. Are you worried about the condition of your roof? How do you know if…

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16th Feb
Flat Roof Repair

Can I Perform A Flat Roof Repair Myself?

Are you contemplating performing a DIY flat roof repair? Then you’ve come to the right place! With the internet, we have access to step-by-step tutorials and quick videos on how to do or fix things. In many instances, this works, and it ends up saving us a lot of money. Sometimes though, it does not. Which is why we always…

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9th Feb
asphalt roof

Is Moss On An Asphalt Roof Bad?

The South Florida climate is a humid one, to say the least. Plants love to grow in humid areas which is why in areas where the humidity is high, there are a lot of forests and jungles. Just think of the wonderful humid heat of the Florida Everglades and the abundance of plant and animal life that live there. The…

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2nd Feb
best roofing

What’s The Best Roofing Material For A Flat Roof?

Flat roofing is most often seen in commercial environments such as warehouses, but that is not to say it can’t be used effectively for your garage, workshop or even your home. As with any roof, regular maintenance is required, and roofing experts should always be called to advise you on the best roofing material to use, relative to your individual…

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26th Jan
Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Roofing is a complicated subject. There are so many factors to consider when deciding on the best roof for your home. What roof style should you install? Should you go for tiles over shingles? Which color should you choose? Will it impact the comfort of your home in the summer if you choose one type over the other? And what…

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19th Jan
roofing contractor

What Does A Roofing Contractor Do?

A professional roofer is the link between a dry and cozy home or a potentially moldy, damp and problematic property. Whether it’s for a new build, an add-on or running repairs, a roofing contractor should be able to assess what is needed and implement all requirements without delay or undue expense. Safety Standards A professional roofing contractor will ensure all…

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