The Importance Of A Professional Roof Inspection Following Storm Damage

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A professional roof inspection plays a crucial role when it comes to protecting your home in the event of extreme weather. If you have recently suffered storm damage, you are probably in the process of repairing your house.

There are a number of problems following a storm, especially with your home and its roofing system. Having a roofing contractor come to your property for a quick inspection is one way to begin handling those problems.

A professional roof inspection will not only help you prevent further damages but also create an opportunity to check other areas of your home that you need to fix.

Here is why you need a professional roof inspector after a storm:

A Professional Assesses Even Invisible Damages

After a storm wreaks havoc on your house, you are likely to notice only the major damages. Other invisible assessments might require you to take risky measures like climbing on top of your building without the safety tools and equipment.

Even after being lucky enough to get on top of your roof, you won’t know what exactly you should check. During a professional roof inspection, an expert with sharp eyes and technical knowhow examines your roof, identifying even the most hidden issues that might be crucial during the repair process.

An Expert Doesn’t Ignore Minor Issues

A professional roof inspection takes even the slightest problem into account. When ignored, minor problems can later develop into big complications that might be hard to fix. A thorough inspection should include everything from the stability of the roof to the insulation.

A proper examination should begin with reviewing if a storm has weakened the supports of the roof. This should be followed by checking if all the shingles are in a good state. A qualified inspector will also evaluate the possibility of leaks on your rooftop and identify areas that you need to patch up.

One of the most ignored parts during a roof inspection after a storm is the insulation. A roofing contractor will help you identify if the insulation of the rooftop has been affected by being exposed to adverse weather conditions and what to do to fix it.

The Process Can Save You Money

Once you spot a problem on your rooftop, it can be worthwhile to solve it instantly than live with it. Unresolved problems with your roof can later cause further property damage and drive you into heavy financial losses. This includes the tiniest issues that might not look like a lot.

In fact, fixing smaller issues within your home can extend the lifetime of your roof, saving you from regular replacement expenses. Professional roof inspection after a storm is the only preventive measure that can guarantee you a long-lasting rooftop.

A Professional Knows Areas That are Prone to Damage

Even with the best DIY videos, you might not be able to know every area of your roof that needs inspection. A roof inspection is a process that requires the right skills, experience, and equipment. Only a professional inspector can have all these.

As we have stated earlier, a self-roof inspection will only identify the visible problems and leave out the minor but crucial issues that might later affect the structure of your building. Save your hassle and time by contacting an expert for help.

A Professional Will Help with Your Insurance Claims

Handling your insurance claims should be one of the top reasons to contact a professional roof inspector. The process of laying a successful claim can be tedious without the help of an experienced expert.

Insurance companies require proof and an approximate estimation of the damage you have suffered. A contract roofing expert will help you gather evidence in form of pictures and calculate the cost of losses on your behalf. With a comprehensive summary of every detail, you will be able to receive your claim seamlessly.

Professional Roof Inspections by AABCO Roofing

A professional roof inspection after a storm is critical to ensure your home is safe, don’t leave it to chance. With South Florida’s hurricane season just a few months away, a hidden leak or sustained damage can escalate to thousands of dollars in repairs if not taken care of immediately. Calling a roofer is the best decision you can make when it comes to ensuring the safety of your roof and all its structural elements and saving money on repairs long-term.

If you find yourself dealing with roof damage for any reason, call AABCO Roofing. We have a professional roofing team that’s been taking care of Pompano Beach’s roofs since 1988. From roof inspections, installment, replacement, maintenance, and repairs, we’re the name you can trust. To schedule a roof inspection with a licensed roofer, call 1-954-426-8500.

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