Roof Maintenance: Is Your Roof Ready For Hurricane Season?

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Roof Maintenance

With hurricane season on its way, it’s important to make sure your roof is ready. If you live in Florida, you know how much of an impact a hurricane can have on your home. The possibility of damaging or destroying your roof and home along with the aftermath of the storm can be stressful. While there’s no way of completely protecting your home against hurricanes, doing roof maintenance now can possibly reduce the amount of roof damage you sustain.

Roof Maintenance Tips Before Hurricane Season

If your roof has sustained any damage over the past few years and hasn’t been checked or fixed, now is the time for some roof maintenance before Mother Nature strikes. Here are six tips to help you get started:

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Are your roof shingles curling or worn out? Has it been a while since you last had your roof inspected? If so, it’s probably time to get an inspection.

Clean Gutters

Gutters are critical to your roof’s ability to withstand high winds. When water collects in your gutters during or after a rainstorm, it can pool creating weak spots.

Fix Any Damaged or Missing Shingles

Before hurricane season, it’s important to assess the condition of your shingles or tiles. If any are damaged or missing, fix them as soon as possible. Fixing or replacing any shingles or tiles will help reduce the chances of losing them in the middle of high winds and reduce the risk of suffering water leaks.

Trim Any Trees Near Your House

Be sure to trim any trees that could fall and damage your roof during a hurricane. Tress are beautiful but there are many tree dangers, especially during hurricane season. Consider hiring a landscaping company to trim all the trees on your property, especially the ones close to your roof.

Check Your Fascia and Soffit Boards

Fascia and soffit boards are located just under your roof’s visible shingles. When water leaks through a crack in your shingles, it finds its way into your fascia boards and gutter systems. If you don’t keep these systems in good condition, excess water can cause further damage to your roof and your home.

Before hurricane season starts, have a roofing contractor check your roof’s fascia and soffit boards. When winds are higher than 80 miles per hour, something as simple as failing to secure a loose piece of wood or plywood can cause irreparable damage.

Install or Repair Roof Straps

If you live in an area that is considered hurricane territory like South Florida, it’s important to make sure all of your home’s roof straps are secure. These structures are a popular solution for preventing roof blowoff during strong winds.

Get In Touch with a Professional Roof Maintenance Expert in South Florida

The roof is arguably one of your home’s most important components. Not only does it protect you from nature’s elements, but it also acts as a protective barrier against wind and rain. If you are thinking about fixing or replacing your roof prior to the hurricane season, our South Florida Roofing Experts can help – contact us today for reliable, top-quality roof maintenance services.

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