6 Reasons To Become A Roofer

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There’s no denying that work takes up most of your time, you spend many hours honing your skills and learning new things. Some jobs have excellent benefits associated with them and we’re not just talking about 401K’s and health benefits, but something more intangible. We’ll show you that being a roofer pays well and has a few additional benefits to the job.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider working in the roofing industry.

No University Degree Required

A major stumbling block for some people is that many jobs require a university degree. For some, attending a university is not an option because of the costs required. With a roofing apprenticeship, a trainee can learn what they need to know while they are working. The roofing contractor and work colleagues will be there to provide all the necessary training.

Roofers Are In High Demand In South Florida

You may have noticed that industries disappear when they become redundant. Do you remember Blockbuster Videos? There is now only a single store located in Bend, Oregon. In its heyday, there used to be over 9,000 stores! Unless we all start living underground, roofs are going to be around forever and due to the severe weather conditions we experience in South Florida, roofers are often in high demand.

Physical Exercise And Fresh Air

If you dread the idea of working in an office or at the same desk every day, then perhaps you’re a true roofer at heart. Roofing contractors get to enjoy fresh air and sunshine all day long. You’ll appreciate the physical work as well that comes with the job. All the climbing, lifting, tool use, and balance will get your fitness levels up in no time.

Gain Technical Expertise In The Building Industry

When you’re working on a construction project, you’ll be exposed to other parts of the building trade. Often a roofer will need to work alongside carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. All this extra exposure will add to your knowledge base. If you love learning new things, then this may just be the perfect job for you.

Work is Varied

Every roof has a personality of its own. The shape, the slope, the roof system used, the surroundings, etc. Each new roof that you encounter will be a different challenge. The varied nature of roof construction means that you’ll never get bored with the work that is being done. The problem-solving aspect of the job means that you’ll constantly be challenged to overcome problems with solutions. You’ll get fantastic job satisfaction when you’ve built a great roof, or repaired a problem one.

The Money Is Good

According to salary.com, a roofer in the United States can earn between $33,660 and $41,763. As your experience grows and you learn more skills, you could get into a niche side of roofing that requires a greater level of expertise and possibly higher pay.

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