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There are a varying range of tile types and materials that can be used for a tile roof on the homes of South Florida, where homeowners choose the best materials to suit our state’s harsh weather conditions. Bear in mind the extreme heat, where tiled roofs need to be fire and heat resistant, while also resisting the salty air conditions of the coast.

Why Specifically A Tile Roof?

There are many kinds of roofing materials. But Tile roofs are the most popular by far due to their many benefits. They can last longer than shingle roofs, for example. They are often popular for their resemblance to Spanish or Mediterranean architectural styles. They are the most durable and most cost-effective roofing for homeowners in South Florida. Although they are expensive up front, they require less maintenance and replacements as they are mostly resistant to fire, moisture, insect boring, and rotting (depending on the material). Today, the most popular tiles in South Florida appear to be concrete tiles and clay or ceramic tiles.

  • Tile Materials

    • Clay
      Clay Tiles are more fragile than Cement Tiles, but they are fire, heat, and water resistant and will make your home look beautiful, resembling ancient Greek and Roman roofing. Clay tiles are the eco-friendliest, and they are naturally fire and heat and water resistant. It is the most durable and hardy material for tiled roofs, and only require replacements after decades. They cannot come in an array of colors, but rather shades.
    • Cement
      Cement Tiles are the most common and are heavier than most tile materials. The designs can vary so much so, that some concrete tiles even appear to resemble clay tiles and get that specific look for your roof!
    • Stone Slates
      Extremely durable, as they can last as long as copper tiles. They do not have color or shape options, but each tile is unique due to its natural stone properties that give its appearance. It will give your home the authentic, natural look!
    • Composite Tile
      This is fairly new and beginning to grow in popularity. It is made of metals, stone granules and acrylic -to give it a clay or ceramic appearance with the added strength of metal. They are lighter in weight and long lasting, depending on the company, these tiles can come in a range of textures and colors.
  • Tile Textures

    Are basically the combination of different shades and materials that make a texture. Each company would offer a range of textures for roofing tiles, depending on the material and the possibilities of coloring. Some materials allow for lots of different colors, whereas some may only offer a few shades.

  • Tile Profiles

    The tile profile is the shape of the roof shingles, each also would have its own name accordingly through different roofing companies. Most tiles will have a standard shape, for example you get barrel-shaped, flat-shaped, roman tiles, and tegula tiles.

Here at Aabco Roofing, for residential homes, we offer the following:

  • Shingle Roofing (Made of Asphalt)
  • Flat Roofing

For Commercial Roofing, Aabco Roofing offers:

  • Built-up Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Systems

Contact Aabco Roofing for more advice on what materials you should choose for your home!

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