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Roofing materials

The quality of your roof determines its durability and lifespan; how often you need to repair your roof or even replace it. You can save costs by choosing the correct roofing materials, including the underlay, tile type, nails and waterproofing products and services.

Roofing Underlay

A roofing underlay is a water proofing material that acts as a water barrier between the roof deck and the rest of the roofing materials in order to serve as an extra layer of protection against water damage. There are different kinds of underlay, such as the following:

    • Felt: Felt is water resistant, but not waterproof, and its resistance depends on its thickness. It is not long lasting but can last long enough to protect the roof until the necessary repair plans are made.


    • Asphalt Variations: (Asphalt-Saturated Felt Rubberized Asphalt) are pricier than felt but are designed to be waterproof and to act as an extra sealant. Rubberized Asphalt usually has an adhesive size, and using this material reduces other costs that are used to bind the underlay to the roof (e.g. nails).


    • Non-Bitumen Synthetic (Polypropylene or Polyethylene): This underlay is resistant to fungal growth and moisture but are not completely waterproof.


  • Fiberglass Felt: This is often used under metal roofing and is also designed to add extra water resistance. It is more durable than normal felt.

Each underlayment would be chosen according to the type of roof and the weather conditions that you experience. Remember that quality is key, and the drier the roof, the longer it will last!

Roofing Materials

Each material ranges in price, but all have unique properties and levels of durability against the harsh weather conditions of Florida. For starters, it is good to know that tile roofing will generally last twice as long as fiberglass shingles in this particular region.

    • Ceramic/Clay Material: Ceramic tiles are one of the oldest materials known for roofing. They are the most environmentally friendly roofing material, and they are resistant to rain, heat and wind. The only downside is that they can break easily and crack from any applied force. These tiles are fireproof and fairly durable, requiring fewer repairs or replacements than let’s say for example, asphalt roofs. Because of their durability, they are usually more expensive than asphalt and concrete roofing materials, and they also stay algae free for longer, in comparison to concrete tiles.


  • Concrete Tiles: Concrete tiles consists of a mixture of sand, Portland cement, and water. These are heavier than most roofing materials, but because of this, they are less prone to breakage and are very durable. This roofing material can last usually around 20 years, depending on how you look after your roof, or how extreme the weather conditions are. They do require maintenance to reduce algae growth. This material is usually the most cost-effective material to use.

Roofing Nails

Roofing nails vary in shape and size, and different roofing materials require different types of nails. They are mostly used to fasten felt underlay, to nail shingles together, and to attach sheet metal and roof tiles. Because Florida is coastal, stainless steel nails should be used, as aluminum nails can become rusted from exposure to salt. Galvanized nails have a zinc coating to further protect from rust, and so these can also be considered- but they are pricier. Smooth shank nails are the cheapest, but they are often made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper- make sure you choose the right material! Smooth shank nails are also not as strong, and so for durability purposes choose screw-shank nails, as they are stronger and therefore will make your roof hold together for longer.

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