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Steep roofing systems are easier to maintain. They can also last quite a bit longer if the maintenance and repairs are done properly. While steep roof maintenance, in general, is important, we could argue that Florida’s subtropical climate ups the importance of roofing maintenance in our area.

Unfortunately, homeowners usually only call professionals like Aabco Roofing when they find a problem. This could make repairs more complicated and costly. More importantly, it is something that could be avoided with regular maintenance from a professional.

Keeping your steep roof in check can be difficult and dangerous without professional help. This is why we would like to give you some information on roof pitch and tips on steep roof maintenance.

What Is Roof Pitch?

When we refer to a roof pitch, we are talking about the angle, slope, or slant of a roof. Roof pitch is expressed as a ratio of the roof’s horizontal rise to its vertical run. This means that the higher the first number in the ratio, the steeper the slope. It is typically measured in inches and is a very important element in a roofing system.

There is no doubt that steep slope roofing systems create a striking architectural silhouette. But they were initially intended for areas that experience high levels of rainfall. Steep slope roofs are designed to allow for run-off and prevent the pooling of water on a roof. Any pitch above 9:12 is considered a steep roof. These systems require a slightly different approach to maintenance than low-slope systems.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Roof Pitch

Unfortunately, homeowners cannot just randomly choose the desired roof pitch. Roof pitch affects the overall safety of your home and requires careful consideration. There are three main factors to consider before choosing your ideal roof pitch, namely:

  • The level of rainfall in your area
  • The amount of debris your roof may collect
  • The strength of the wind

Steep Roof Maintenance

Steep roofing systems last longer with the correct roofing maintenance and repair. On most roofing systems, some maintenance can be done by homeowners themselves. Unfortunately, the steeper the slope the more dangerous and the greater the need for professional help.

Steep slope roofing systems require less maintenance. This is however not to say that preventative measures don’t need to be taken. Maintenance is crucial in maximizing the life of your roof. It not only allows for early leak detection and signs of aging but saves you money in the long run.

While a professional, like Aabco Roofing, is needed for regular roof maintenance, homeowners can help by:

  • Checking that the sealant around the flashing and plumbing stacks is in good condition
  • Making sure that the gutters are clear- clogged drains can cause your gutters to overflow and damage the walls, siding, and your basement.

Professionals have found that the biggest issue with steep slope roofs is drainage. Poor drainage can lead to bigger and more expensive roofing issues. The best way to stay ahead of this is by checking your roof for missing tiles or shingles- especially after a storm.

How Aabco Roofing Can Help You Today

The steep roof maintenance tips list may be short, but it is no less important than what the professionals do. These tips can save you a lot of money in water damage. They are also the safest way to keep your steep roof in check. Unfortunately, maintenance on a steep roof is a lot more dangerous than other roofing systems and requires special safety equipment.

Our team at Aabco Roofing understands that having a steep roof brings its own challenges when it comes to maintenance. We’d love for you to call us today for all your steep roofing needs at 954-426-8500.

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