Which Roofing Systems Work Best In South Florida?

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South Florida has some of the best seasonal weather in the United States. But it’s also known for harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains and strong winds. Added to this are the coastal humidity and fresh sea air. It’s for these reasons that choosing the right roof system is vitally important. Making the wrong roofing choice could put your home at risk. Here’s a look at which roofing systems work best in South Florida.

Asphalt Shingles

Shingles can offer a long-lasting roofing solution when professionally applied. This cost-effective roofing system is a hardy contender. Shingles are applied with felt underlayment, joint taping, and fastened with nails for extra strength. They provide good waterproofing while offering a premium look and feel. If you’re on a budget, then shingles are a good option to consider. Dimensional shingles have a layered appearance that mimics the look of wood shingles. It can give your property a distinctive look.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are a popular choice in South Florida as they can withstand heat and severe weather. Their main benefit is that they don’t need much maintenance. Clay tiles are extremely hardy and solid. They are also resistant to rot and pest infestations. The most common shapes are flat, fluted, or interlocking clay tiles. Clay tiles are also long-lasting and can keep your home secure for up to 100 years. Keep in mind that tiles come in at a higher price point due to their more complex manufacturing process. With this in mind, they do offer a sought-after aesthetic that gives you that Mediterranean appeal. Clay tiles also have the advantage of being fireproof in the case of an accidental fire or emergency. They are a safe bet for your home and family.

Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in South Florida. One of the reasons for this is that it reflects sunlight away from your home which helps to cool your home down. It’s a cool roofing option in more ways than one. This results in less strain on your air conditioner which saves you on your electric bill each month. These maintenance-free roofs are tough and will last for decades to come. When it comes to design and aesthetics, they can be styled to look like various types of roofing. It is now possible to have a metal roof that looks just like a clay-tiled roof. The lightweight nature of metal makes it a great reroofing option that will last for up to 50 years.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are similar to metal roofing as you’re able to mimic other types of roofing. These roofing systems are resistant to mold, rot, and insects. One of their major benefits is that they’re lighter than clay tiles but still hold their strength and integrity. They can easily be made to look just like clay tiles but won’t require as much roofing undergirding and support. Concrete tiles are extremely heat-resistant and will protect you in those hot Florida summers. Best of all, concrete tiles are an affordable roofing option.

Looking For A Roofing Systems Expert In South Florida?

At AABCO Roofing, we understand the importance of your surrounding climate. It’s important to choose the right roof in South Florida. Our team of expert consultants will be able to advise you on the best roofing options for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or a unique roofing solution, AABCO has you covered. Check out our Facebook page for more info or call us at 954-426-8500.

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