The Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

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Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Dealing with a leaking roof is not fun for anyone involved. If you leave a leaking roof for too long, you will have to deal with much larger problems than just having to run for the bucket to catch the dripping water. To make sure you aren’t faced with a hefty repair bill, let’s look at five of the most common causes of roof leaks, how to spot them and how to fix and prevent them from happening again.

1. Damaged Flashing

Flashings are pieces of metal that are installed ton the joints or transition areas of your roof and normally sealed with roof mastic and modified bitumen or fibred membrane to create a water-resistant barrier. This barrier serves as protection against water penetration

  • How Does It Happen?

    Over time, the tar or mastic can begin to corrode and if left exposed to harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds and rain, the flashing can start to form large cracks. Another cause of a leaking roof is when the flashing sections slide out of place from not being nailed down correctly.

  • How To Fix It?

    Unfortunately when it comes to a leaking roof, it is very difficult to spot the problem before the leak happens. If cracks occur, the flashing will need to be replaced without causing further damage – this can be a very tough job and should be left to a professional with the right tools and expertise. Having a professional install your flashing properly in the first place is very important to make sure it is done correctly and can withstand tough weather conditions that may affect your roof.

2. Broken Tiles Or Shingles

Roof tiles and shingles are the outer layer of a roof that act as a covering for the underlayment which is what protects your home from water intrusion. If you have missing or broken roof tiles or shingle, it should be easy to spot. Simply take a good look at your roof on a regular basis, this can be the first step in preventing further damage. Having a damaged or missing shingle on your roof can cause air to filter into the ventilation part of your roof.

  • How Does It Happen?

    Sometimes, after a heavy storm you could wake up to a few shingles scattered across your yard or pieces of broken tiles scattered about. Bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or wind can cause these materials to break or fall off your roof – this is especially true for Floridians during hurricane season.

  • How To Fix It?

    Shingles are nailed down to one another across your entire roof. To replace a damaged or missing shingle, you will need to remove the shingle and nails without causing further damage to the other shingles that are connected to it and make sure to check and repair any damaged underlayment. With badly broken tiles, remove the damaged pieces, check the underlayment for any damage and repair it prior to the reinstallation of the shingle or tile. This can be quite an intricate and dangerous process which should be left to a roof repair specialist to prevent further damage to your roof.

3. Vent Leaks

Roof vents are used to expel excess heat and moisture to limit the risk of mold growing inside your home. If there is a leak in or around the base of your vent, then it is likely that there will be dark spots forming around the area and can create a musty smell.

  • Why Does It Happen?

    Roof vents are usually sealed with flashing and roof mastic around the base where they extend from the roof base. If there is a leak that is linked to the vent, it can be because there is a crack in the flashing seal or damage to the vent itself.

  • How To Fix It?

    Fixing an existing issue with a roof vent can be a tough process as it requires a pry bar to release the seal on any connecting tiles or shingles. The flashing will be replaced and sealed or if the vent is damaged it will be replaced then flashed around the base. Once the vent is secure and sealed the riles or shingle will be reinstalled.

4. Improperly Sealed Valleys

Valleys are an area where two planes of roof connect. These areas of the roof are usually sloped, so if the valleys are improperly sealed, rainwater can leak inside as it runs down the sloped roof. Since valleys require a large seal, they are often the cause of roof leaks.

  • How Does It Happen?

    If there is a problem with the sealing of your roof valleys, it could be because it was not sealed correctly in the first place, causing it to create gaps over time. Alternatively, heavy rain can cause the sealing to erode over time resulting in cracks.

  • How To Fix It?

    Repairing a valley is certainly a job to be done by a professional because of the complexity. A roof repair specialist can fix the problem by removing the tile or shingles and installing a new sealing barrier along the valley. If the valley metal is damaged or deteriorated it will be replaced prior to sealing the area. Once the repair is done, the tiles or shingles will be reinstalled. This is an important task to do as they will need to make sure they are not causing further damage to your roof.

5. Skylight Leaks

A skylight is basically a domed or flat surfaced window installed in your roof to help create more natural light in your home . The skylights are screwed in place and sealed with flashing. Although there are many benefits of installing a skylight in your home, it can be devastating if it is the cause of a roof leak.

  • Why Does It Happen?

    If you have spotted a leak coming from your skylight, it’s likely because it was never installed correctly to begin with. The most important factors of installing a skylight are measuring and fitting it correctly to fit into your roof and ensure it is sealed properly. A leak can occur if the skylight was not fitted correctly, or if the seal around the flange has decayed over time.

  • How To Fix It?

    It is recommended that a professional inspect the skylight leak so that they can make an assessment as to what exactly needs to be replaced. A leaking skylight can lead to severe water damage in your home if not seen to and repaired correctly.

If you have a roof leak that needs to be inspected and repaired by a professional then look no further than giving us a call today. Our roof repair specialists provide high quality, professional and cost-effective services.

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