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Beware of a Roofing Estimate That Seems Too Good

If you’re looking for a roofing estimate that’s cost-effective and will save you trouble, time, and additional repairs later, it’s in your best interest to get informed about the unfortunately high number of contractor scammers out there.

With Florida prone to violent storms, and with the importance that you would undoubtedly place on your roof’s condition, it can be all too easy to fall victim to what initially seems like a quick fix. A dubious roofer can be identified by looking out for the following:

  • Suspiciously low quotes
  • A lack of official supplier references
  • No insurance
  • Storm-chasers rushing to a storm-affected area
  • The lack of a detailed, upfront contract

According to a 2015 poll run by Angie’s List, 68% of respondents said that shoddy roof work was a problem, which shows just how widespread this issue is. As mentioned above, quotes that seem too good to be true probably are, since the costs associated with materials and labor are pretty consistent wherever you are. You should always get at least 3 estimates especially If you suspect that a roofing contractor is providing you with questionable information upon assessing your roof. It always helps to have a good idea of what’s needed beforehand.

Asking the right questions
Next up, don’t be afraid to ask your roofing contractor detailed questions about their validity – if they’re certified, they shouldn’t have any trouble answering these. Confirm their full company name and address, find out whether they have insurance, whether they’re licensed by the state, if they can issue you with homeowner references, and what their warranty’s include. If your contractor uses subcontractors, you are entitled to find out the same information about them as well.

Beware of storm-chasers
As if you don’t have enough to worry about during hurricane season, storm-chasers should be added to that list. First off, it’s wise not to hire anyone dropping off flyers in your mailbox or who knocks on your door to offer their services. Last year, just before Hurricane Mathew struck, the National Insurance Crime Bureau put out a warning to residents on the southeastern coast to be wary of various contractor scams.

Location an important factor for your warranty
A warranty is great if you can use it when needed! We highly recommend that you choose a company that is located within your area, not one that is “new” to the neighborhood or temporarily providing a service there. A high number of complaints have come from homeowners who were unable to take advantage of their warranty years down the line because their contractor moved or simply vanished following the completion of the job.

Communication is key
This works both ways. If your contractor is difficult to reach or doesn’t promptly send you the requested documentation, it’s worthwhile looking elsewhere before signing anything. If you have already committed to your contractor, be sure to put everything down in writing, and to retain evidence of all communication, as this information could become vital should you need to follow up on work that was not carried out as promised.

To summarize, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of selecting an unqualified roofing contractor. With the high costs associated with the upkeep of your roof, we urge you to take these precautions to give you the best possible chance of ensuring a job that is executed as it should be.

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