Roof Coating 101

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Roof Coating 101

Roof coatings on flat roofs has become extremely popular for several reasons, from helping us ‘go green’ to reducing costs on roof repairs.

If you haven’t heard of roof coatings before, it’s time to take a look at this remarkable product, and perhaps, consider getting one.

What Is A Roof Coating?

A roof coating is a thick, paint-like substance that coats the roof in a protective layer. Just like paint, it is usually applied using a roller, brush or spray, and is most often made of acrylic polymers.

Roof coatings are designed to be versatile; they can stick to almost every roof type and can withstand materials that expand or contract. This makes it ideal for long-term use, as it can mold to the roof, whatever the weather!

The Benefits Of Roof Coating

There are many benefits of roof coating, according to the professionals:

  • It Extends The Lifespan

    Maximize the lifespan of an existing roof by protecting it from the outside elements. The lifespan of an existing roof coating can be extended 10 years if the coating is properly applied.

    Because roofs are permanently exposed to the outdoors, it’s important to understand how weather affects your roof so that you can maximize your roof’s lifespan.

  • Improves The Look & Style

    Roof coatings prevent roofs from fading while adding a sleek new finish!

  • Provides Energy Bill Savings

    Reduce the amount spent on energy for thermal regulation.

    The reflective properties of roof coating reduce heat transfer into buildings. This is great for adding to your sustainable living lifestyle if you’re looking to ‘go green!’

  • It’s More Eco-Friendly

    Roof coatings also reduce pollution and waste by preventing roof tear-off, which prevents strips of roof material from being tossed into landfills.

  • Mitigates ‘Shrink/Swell’ Potential

    Decrease the expansion and contraction of a roof’s membrane through temperature regulating properties that increase the lifespan and strength of the existing roof.

  • Stops Leaks

    Prevent ponding water with a roof coating. Its waterproof properties prevent water from permeating through the roof.

  • Provides A “Quick Fix”

    Roof coating is a great quick fix for a temporary problem. It allows for more time to budget for a roof replacement or repair.

    For example, you can prevent rust, an existing leak, or crack from getting worse by sealing it until you can replace it.

  • It’s Seamless Protection

    The roof coating itself lasts long. Due to it’s of lack seams, you don’t have to worry about any weak points, as roof seams are usually the first to fail!

  • Ease Of Installation

    The coating process is an easy and quick installation. It’s not a messy process because nothing is being replaced or repaired, just coated!

Roof Coating Facts: Did You Know?

  • While most home or business owners will coat a brand-new roof, roof coatings can also be done to older roofs. In some cases, even a rusted roof can be coated if the rust has been treated correctly.

  • Roof coatings are usually made from a special type of silicone that allows it to become very elastic. This allows it to withstand thermal shock, so if the roof changes shape or form, the coating can change with it!

  • The sun is arguably the most damaging factor to a roof. The Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can make the roof brittle and faded, making it more susceptible to other weathering. To reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays, roof coatings are usually white in color. Because of white’s reflective properties, it reduces the temperature of the roof by reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it.

  • When looking at roof replacement costs, a roof coating can cost about half as much as a roof replacement. No wonder it is ideal!

  • The greatest benefit of a roof coating is the fact that it is not a one-time-only deal.  You can get one redone as soon as it’s needed, which means you can keep prolonging the life of your roof!

How To Get Your Roof Coating

Taking care of a roof is a serious job and requires serious attention. If you’re considering coating your roof, it is important to contact a professional roofing contractor, like Aabco Roofing.

Professional roofing contractors will know exactly how to address your roof in the safest and most effective way, as there is a multitude of roofing safety precautions that roofers take when taking care of your roof. Taking care of your roof without consulting professionals can be dangerous and costly. Remember, “Prevention is better than a cure!”

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