Protecting Your Business With Commercial Roof Repairs

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Commercial Roof Repairs

Physically speaking, one of the first steps to protecting your business is understanding your commercial property. Focusing on the roof, it will send you signals that something is wrong and commercial roof repairs are needed. The problem is that if you don’t know what to look for, you may only figure it out when it’s too late.

Red Flags

If you look carefully, your commercial roof will tell you when it is in need of repair. Some of its signs are obvious and some, not so much! If you know what to look out for, you’ll know when your roof needs professional TLC from our team at Aabco Roofing.

Water Invasion

One of the more obvious indicators that your roofing may needs repairs is if you notice any signs of water invading your premises. Water invasion can be presented through a number of ways, such as leaks, seepage that drips, stains on the ceiling or walls or mold growth. A professional will need to be contacted to find the source and repair it.

Increased Utility Bills

Ultimately, the purpose of a roof is to protect what’s underneath, the inside of the building, and its insulation and ventilation systems. These systems are essential in creating conditions comfortable for the workers and essential for inventory or processing. A sudden climb in these bills may be an indication that your roofing has been compromised and needs tending to.


Every roof is equipped with a protective membrane to keep moisture out. If water somehow makes its way underneath the membrane, the material forms bubbles. These bubbles are not only an indication that moisture is trapped but it’s also the location of the problem. When looking for the problem, we need to keep in mind that water moves in the path of least resistance. This means that the water may have invaded another part of the roof but pooled and bubbled in another.

Damaged Flashing

Strips of metal are used to protect joints where the roof connects with other structures, as well as the walls of the building; they’re known as flashing. Inspection of these strips may reveal poorly attached, missing or even deteriorated strips, allowing water into the premises.

Pooling Water

After heavy rains, it is completely normal to find pools of water on a commercial roof. Should this water remain there longer than 72 hours, you may be experiencing a drainage or gutter system malfunction. This malfunction will leave water to collect on your roof, building up pressure that will eventually leak through the roof’s protective membrane.

Uneven Surface

Since a roof is built to be able to bear its weight, it should be even. If you find that your commercial roof is uneven, you need to call a professional right away! It could be a sign of a number of problems, one of which could be the deterioration of supporting roof structures.

Choosing A Contractor

Like most things in life, owning a commercial property comes with a lot of responsibility. The decisions you make not only impact you but your tenants and their businesses or homes. Before hiring a contractor to repair your roof, you need to give them information. This information will help them understand the repairs needed and the disruptions that can’t happen.

To choose an experienced contractor that will help meet your criteria, you will need to:

Find Recommendations

While there are a number of different ways to find a contractor but speaking to family and friends who own commercial property may be the best option. You could ask them for recommendations and their experience with each company, knowing that they will be truthful. This can help to make decisions easier as your confidence in a company’s credibility is strengthened.

Interview Potential Contractors

After shortlisting potential companies, you should give them a call and have a quick interview. This time should be spent checking that they are licensed, insured and capable of completing the job safely and on time.


If a company has been recommended o you, it is still important for you do some research. You can go onto their website and read reviews from previous customers or even visit some of the sites where they have worked.

Face To Face Meeting

After the interview over the phone, you should choose two to three companies that you would like to move forward with. By this time, they should be able to give you a written estimate of the expected costs and timeline of the job.

Sign On The Dotted Line

Once you are confident with your choice and what is in the contract that has been drawn up, you can go ahead and sign it.

The roof is an important part of your commercial building and like most of us, sometimes it needs a little extra love! For roofing advice or inspections, the trusted team at Aabco Roofing would be more than happy to help! Call us today at 954-426-8500.

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