Is Your Roof Leaking? You May Need Your Flashing Repaired

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Are you currently battling with a leaking roof? One of the main causes of a roof leak can be from damaged roof flashing. Roof flashing can easily be forgotten about as it mostly sits neatly in the corners of our roof. However, it plays a vital role in directing and channeling the flow of water and prevent roof leaks. Here’s how to know if you need a roof flashing repair.

How Exactly Does Roof Flashing Work?

Roof flashing consists of thin sheets of metal that are laid around key areas on your roof. Flashing helps to waterproof your roof by preventing leaks along the eves, roof peaks, and valleys. Roof flashing is designed to channel heavy water flows into certain areas. Over time flashing can wear down and deteriorate which can cause leaks to develop.

How To Locate Your Flashing

Flashing is found around the valley areas of your roof. The valley is the joint where two slopes meet. Flashing is usually installed underneath the shingles on each side. Water then flows off the shingles and into the valley or gulley that’s created by the flashing. Flashing is also installed around vents and skylights in your roof. It’s important to get these areas of flashing checked in order to prevent any leaks.

How To Check For Damaged Flashing

There are some key signs to look for when identifying damaged flashing.

You Have An Internal Leak

The first and most obvious sign is a rook leak. When flashing is damaged, it may cause leaks as water will be able to penetrate in and around the flashing and into your home. Moisture stain marks on your roof and ceiling can serve as a warning sign of a roof leak so it’s best not to ignore these.

Check for An External Leak

Damaged flashing can be easily identified by leaks on the outside of your home. Check your outside walls for stains and signs of water damage. You should also be on the lookout for irregular mold growth as this can easily become a problem when water collects in a certain place.

Do A Visual Inspection

The easiest way to identify damaged flashing is to do an inspection. This will require you to climb onto your roof and inspect the flashing for signs of damage. Rust and corrosion are tell-tale signs that your flashing is damaged. As large parts of Florida are close to the ocean, your flashing will be more prone to rust and corrosion over time. Be on the lookout for dented or cracked flashing, as this will also need to be repaired or replaced.

Finally, check for small holes in your flashing as these can allow small amounts of water through. It’s always wise to hire in a reputable roofing company to thoroughly inspect your flashing as climbing onto your roof comes with its own risks.

Maintaining Your Flashing

There are various ways to maintain your roof flashing depending on what the problem is. It’s once again recommended to use a professional roofer for these repair jobs.

  • Lock loose flashing down with screws or anchors
  • Fill any holes using roofing cement
  • Repair any leaking seams
  • Replace flashing when it’s beyond repair

Fix Your Roof Leak Today

Damaged flashing can lead to larger complications when not fixed quickly. At Aabco Roofing we take pride in our excellent service record in the South Florida area. With workmanship backed by up to 25-year warranties, why not leave your flashing repair job in our hands. When it comes to your roof, you should never take quick repair shortcuts, as these will never result in a long-term fix. Get your roof fixed right, the first time. Call us today at 954-426-8500!

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