Don’t Dismiss Your Cracked Roof Tile

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cracked roof tile

A cracked roof tile can easily be overlooked, but the effects can be felt quite harshly. The roof of your home fulfills many functions; from aesthetics, insulation, shelter and energy efficiency. If you have a crack in your roof tile, it is in your best interest to get it fixed immediately.

Roof tile cracks can happen due to several causes. The most typical causes of roof cracks are foot traffic, protruding nails from underneath, and severe storms. Vulnerable areas include roof valleys and areas of penetration. In areas where the crack has led to a full horizontal or vertical break, it is unwise to use adhesive to fix the crack. The solution in this instance is most likely replacement.

The Most Common Issues With Cracked Roof Tiles

The most common roof tile problems are easily avoided. The main issue with cracked roof tiles is the gap that is created to allow for the entry of water. This can cause all types of damage, such as mold and mildew resulting in health hazards, damaged walls and ceilings, and damage to belongings.

  • Structural Damage

    The liquid nature of water, and the ability for absorption, means that it can move and spread more than expected. When the structure underneath the roof tiles becomes exposed to water, rot can easily set in and cause structural deterioration. The water damage can spread further than the internal structure of the roof, and affect the interior of the home – staining drywall, ceilings and walls.

  • Health Hazards

    Cracked tiles that cause leaks often manifest into unhealthy living environments. Water that seeps into the structure of a home causes mold and mildew. This can trigger allergic reactions, chest infections, and congestion. In addition, water leaking around electrical appliances and outlets introduces the risk of electrocution, fire, and electric shortage. Getting rid of mold can be an extremely difficult and costly exercise.

    When the force of the leaking water increases during times of storms, puddles can gather and cause a further health hazard. If someone slips and falls they can hurt themselves quite badly. Although not primarily a massive concern, puddles can be dangerous particularly for a family with small children, and the elderly.

Immediate Action

Fixing a roof leak in the early stages is a lot cheaper than the expenses that can occur if left unattended. Applying a simple patch or replacement can prevent a lot of accumulated (and expensive) damage. It is best advised to hire a professional contractor to fix the crack, as they can be trusted to do a thorough inspection of the structure underneath.

Although a well-maintained roof can last for several decades, regular inspections are advised to avoid a small crack in a roof tile becoming a big problem. It is suggested that inspections should be done at roof level at least twice a year to look out for any potential issues.

No matter how small a crack in a roof tile may seem, it is important to get it fixed immediately before the problem becomes huge and expensive.

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