Concrete Tile Roof – Repair or Replace

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concrete tile roof repair

A roof is not only the practical shelter for your home, but it also protects the belongings and occupants inside, defines the overall look and style of a house, provides additional living space, and can make your home more energy efficient. Due to the multiple purposes of a roof, choosing the correct material is a decision to be made carefully. Options can range from clay tiles, asphalt shingles and concrete tiles – in instances of damage, you may need to make the decision to repair or to replace.  A roof that does its job well will withstand the harsh elements of nature, endure natural disasters and remain aesthetically pleasing over time. Regardless, over time you may need a concrete tile roof repair or replacement. Here are some considerations when choosing to repair or replace your roof.

The Pros of Concrete Tile Roof Repairs

Concrete roof tiles are very durable and can withstand a lot of wind and hail, without necessarily getting damaged. There are several conflicting theories that exist around the best way to repair a roof tile in a ‘DIY’ fashion, but hiring a professional roofer can eliminate the majority of the cons and provide pros for repairing your roof tiles (as opposed to replacement).

The Cons of Concrete Tile Roof Repairs

The nature of cement roof tiles requires a seal to fulfill its purpose as a roof tile. Due to the porous nature of concrete tiles, seal is needed to avoid moisture leaking in. The details of size, weight, seal and basic knowledge of roof repair is vital for a permanent solution to repair. A mistake can be detrimental in the long run on the functionality of your roof.

The Pros of Concrete Tile Roof Replacement

Replacing concrete roof tiles can be a tricky job, and as with repairs, it is best to hire a professional roofer. If you have a professional on a job, there is far less concern of misjudging pressure, purchasing incorrect materials, and incorrectly replacing the tiles. A professional will also know to check the surrounding tiles as to ensure that all affected tiles are removed and replaced.

The Cons of Concrete Tile Roof Replacement

If you are choosing to replace your roof tiles, you will need to buy them new. Some may suggest that you take tiles from other areas of the roof to replace broken tiles but the only accomplishment is exposing another area of the roof. A good suggestion is to keep a collection of extra tiles in your garage for moments when an area needs replacement. One must also be careful to choose the same color and type of tile when conducting replacements.

When weighing up the pros and cons of replacing or repairing your concrete roof tiles, it is a good idea to get an informed idea of what each option would cost from a licensed contractor. Another factor to consider when making your decision is whether it is the roof tiles that need to be repaired, or the shingles underneath (which have a shorter lifespan than the tiles themselves. Regardless of your choice to replace or repair your concrete roof tiles, you are always better off hiring a licensed contractor.

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