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Every home, big or small, is covered by a roofing system that protects the people living inside and their belongings. Without knowing the signs, or the right questions to ask, not replacing that roofing at the right time could put all the things its designed to protect, in danger. If you think your roof needs replacing, call AABCO Roofing.

Common Questions To Ask About Roof Replacement

It’s normal and necessary to ask as many questions as you can before starting a big project, especially on your home. Home owners tend to have similar questions that can be answered in more detail by our processional staff at AABCO Roofing. Here are some of the top questions we hear:

  • Does My Roof Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired?

    If problems are confined to a specific area, a simple repair may be enough. However, if your roof is old and constantly experiencing problems, roof replacement is your best option. A roof over 15-20 years old that has not been well maintained will almost always need to be replaced.

  • Will I Need To Replace My Gutters?

    Yes. When a new roof is being installed the gutters need to be removed so the roofer can access the fascia and eave drip metal.

  • How Much Will It Cost?

    The cost of a roof replacement varies greatly and is based on a number of factors. It is important to remember that the quality of roofing materials and workmanship adds value to your home and saves you money in the long run.

  • Do I Need A Permit To Replace My Roof?

    Absolutely! You should never install a roof without a permit. Your new roof needs to meet local building codes and ensuring this happens is part of your roofing contractors job.

  • How Long Does It Take?

    Once again, there are a number of factors that play a role in the duration of the project – the size of your home, the availability of materials chosen, the weather and the reliability of the roofing contractors you are using to name a few. On average, the whole project could take between 4-6 weeks.

Looking For A Sign

Before making big decisions, many people say that they need a sign to indicate that their decision is the right one. When it comes to roof replacement, the sign is simple – just look up – not to the sky, but to your roof and you’ll get your answer. There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for that indicate when quality roof replacement is a good option.

  • Missing or Severely Cracked Tiles or Curled Back or Missing Shingles

    Tiles that are cracked, missing or shingles that have curled back edges or are missing are all signs that they have served their time and that you may need to consider replacing your roof.

  • Bald Spots On Shingle Roofs

    Shingles shed their granules, leaving open ‘bald spots’ on your roof, when they are wearing out. The granules typically end up in the gutters.

  • Roof Age

    A roof can typically last for 20-25 years for tile and 10-15 for shingles before it needs to be replaced. Conditions that can accelerate this process need to kept in mind, for example poor ventilation.

  • Interior Ceiling or Walls Staining

    There may be a couple of reasons for the staining of ceilings and walls. If it’s the roof’s underlayment that is letting moisture in, replacing your roof can solve this problem

  • Neighbors Upgrading

    Homes in your neighborhood may have been built around a similar period and can be experiencing the same types of weather conditions. If your neighbors are replacing their roofs, it may be time to look at replacing yours as well.

Although differing slightly, everyone seems to be asking the same question when it comes to replacing their roof. If you are unsure whether your roof needs to be replaced, our professional team at AABCO Roofing would be able to tell you for sure. Give us a call for answers to any other questions you may have regarding your roof.

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