When is Affordable Roofing Too Affordable?

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When choosing a roofing contractor, be wary of a price that appears abnormally low. Cheap roofing may not translate into affordable roofing down the line. There are some roofing companies that take shortcuts in order to confirm a job, but the lack of professionalism can result in far heavier costs later on.

A proper roofing contractor will be able to present their ‘Florida Roofing Contractor License’ which confirms their experience, knowledge and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter and design roofs. Choosing a ‘cheap’ roofing contractor may result in several unfortunate circumstances and expenses.

Poor Workmanship

If you receive an extremely low quote for a roofing job, it is likely that it will result in poor workmanship. When a roofing contractor is an expert and produces good quality workmanship, it will reflect in a fair and affordable price, rather than a cheap price.

A fair and affordable roofing contractor will ensure that the job is done effectively, without cutting corners. Bad workmanship can result in the following:

  • Failing Roof Shingles

    Poor workmanship is one of the main reasons for failing roof shingles, along with poor ventilation and inferior roofing materials.

  • Overlooking Little Details

    Bad workmanship will result in a quick job without taking the time to pay attention to the details. In contrast, a quality roofing contractor will watch out for small details and thereby prevent any problems down the line.

  • Improper Processes

    Skipping corners is a sure sign of poor workmanship. One such example is a contractor who will lay a new roof over existing shingles rather than removing them and inspecting the decking. It is important to note that roof shingle manufacturer warranties are not valid for any shingles installed on top of existing shingles.

  • Uncertified Installation

    Although different roofing contractors may have different ways of installing a roof, an expert roofing contractor will complete a job in a way that is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty with their thorough knowledge and proper processes. A cheap job may be an indication that the job is not completed with the correct certified guidelines.

Inferior Materials

There are several layers that build up the final roof. The underlayment system lies underneath the roof shingles or tiles and functions as a form of waterproofing, roof edges are carefully installed around critical areas in the roof in order to prevent water entering, and the felt underlayment covers areas of the roof and adds a buffer between the shingles or tiles and the deck of your roof.

Inferior materials will not last as long and will weaken the structural integrity of your roof. Oversights such as a missing drip edge, which protects the board under the edge of your roof, can result in water damage, staining and mold. Some cheaper roofing contractors use inferior second-hand materials that result in weaknesses, decreased aesthetic value and damage.

Missing Costs

In some instances, a roofing contractor may be skilled and use quality materials, but they avoid putting all of the costs on the quote and bill you later with hidden expenses.

There are a few costs to consider when assessing a quote or proposal. The following details should appear to make sure that there are no hidden costs, and that you have the best quality contractor:

  • Labor costs
  • Materials costs
  • Permits
  • Information on the type of underlayment, flashing, shingles and ventilation
  • Proof of license
  • Specifics of payment terms
  • Specifics of types of materials used
  • Provisions for any changes or add-ons which could result in extra charges
  • A lien release (protecting you from liability in the case of the roofer failing to pay for various subcontractors or roofing materials)
  • A termination clause

Tips to Identify a Cheap Contractor

If you suspect your roofing quote to be suspicious, there are other red flags to confirm that your cheap quote is not an affordable quote.

  • Inadequate evaluations where the contractor does not discuss any protruding structures, avoids inspecting the attic and fails to answer your questions effectively.
  • Missing certifications, insurance information and permits.

A roofing installation, repair or maintenance job is one that should be considered thoroughly. Agreeing to a suspiciously cheap quote could end up being significantly more expensive in the long run. Affordable roofing should ensure that your roof receives professional workmanship, quality materials and no hidden costs.

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