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Residential Roof Maintenance

Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial investments anyone will make, and it is a legacy that can be handed down to your children, and their children. So, taking good care of your home should be a top priority. The roof of your home takes the biggest beating against the elements, and fixing damage only as it happens will cost you so much more than investing in a more affordable residential roof maintenance plan.

Important Reasons to Maintain Your Roof

  • A roof can be tricky, as it has an interior that is susceptible to damage. The regular maintenance of your roof provides security against unseen damages, such as a small leak which could go unnoticed for months or even years. This could eventually take its toll on the integrity of your roof, and result in issues such as hidden rot, mildew build-up, and in worse cases your home being flooded once the torrential rains come down.
  • Another important reason residential roof maintenance is important is because it saves you on your air conditioning costs. Similar to how a water heater blanket insulates your water heater and keeps your water hotter for longer, so a good roof controls the temperature in your home. This will result in cooler summers without you having to fork out extra costs on temperature control.
  • The maintenance of a healthy roof also means the maintenance of a well- protected investment. Most of us have to take out a mortgage when purchasing a home, which often means we work for that important investment for a long period of time. It is a shame to let an investment of that nature simply rot away due to poor maintenance.
  • Lastly, good upkeep and maintenance will result in a higher property value for your home. Potential buyers will have a keen interest in the quality of roof materials, their aesthetic appeal, as well as extra utility features you have added on to your roof.

Advantages to Roof Maintenance

  1. Helps you retain a beautiful design, through regular check-ups and maintenance
  2. Reduces risks, especially through harsher weather conditions when your roof is most at risk
  3. Saves you money, as maintaining the roof costs less than having to spend on fixing a big problem, or several problems, which could have been prevented
  4. It helps identify the cause of roof failure. This includes poor workmanship, poor design, or trapped moisture, among other things
  5. You can identify problems earlier, by regular inspection and detecting issues early on
  6. Regular maintenance provides the roof with the optimal protection that it needs

How to Maintain Your Residential Roof

Roof Interior

It is important to inspect your roof regularly. Because the roof interior cannot be easily inspected, knowledge of the roofs’ exterior is important. Be sure to look out for any cracks in timber components in the structure, as this is the initial warning sign that the interior of the roof is deteriorating.

Roof Exterior

Checking of the roof exterior should prove more straightforward – looking out for loose roof sheeting, loose screws and any cracked roof tiles. Of importance is checking areas where the roof has been opened up to make way for antennas and chimneys, for example.

Additional Loading

When adding additions such as cooking canopies for the kitchen, extra stress is added to the roof. Make sure that this extra weight is divided evenly across more than one truss to prevent a stressed spot on your roof. Ideally the weight of the item should be established before installation and compared to what your roof can handle, to ensure the integrity of your roof.

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