How Do You Know You’re Missing A Tile?

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Avoid Missing Tiles With Residential Leak Repairs

Other than the occasional day spent cleaning gutters or the accidental baseball retrieval adventures, you probably don’t spend a lot of time looking at your roof. There isn’t very much need for homeowners to go out of their way to get a peek at their roofs, which is why plumbers are called out to do residential leak repairs so often.

Your Roof is Leaking

Although one of the biggest signs that something is wrong with your roof is a water leak, leaks can come in different varieties. If water is rushing in through your roof, it’s obviously a leak, at the very least, there’s tile missing and the underlayment has been compromised. However, roofs aren’t made solely from tiles. If they were, they wouldn’t be very good at keeping you warm and dry. Instead, tiles are placed on top of other materials that vary from house to house. The 3-typical underlayment’s include #90Lb. Felt, Modified Bitumen (both of which are installed with hot asphalt) and Peel & Stick self-adhered underlayment. This is placed on top of the dry-in materials prior to the tile installation.

When a tile goes missing, it opens up the underlying layers of your roof to potential weather damage, which in turn over time, can result in leaks. Because tiles are the first line of defense against rainwater and all other weather conditions, when tiles go missing the durability and longevity of your roof is greatly impacted. However, since you might not notice a missing tile until it’s too late and your roof is already leaking, it is best to purchase a maintenance contract to ensure that you never lose a tile.

You Can See Sunlight

Considering how sunny and warm Florida is most year-round, it is possible that you don’t notice a missing tile because there is no water to leak through it. In this case residents either don’t notice a leak until the rain starts to fall, or they go in to their attic and notice sunlight shining through the roof. Even if you only see a small peak of sun, call a contractor as soon as possible to replace your tile. You might not even be able to see the sky through the hole because of other roof materials covering it up, but if a patch of your ceiling seems a lot brighter than the rest of it, it’s very possible that a tile is missing on your roof.

You Can See a Missing Tile

While this may seem like an obvious problem, some homeowners think that one or two missing tiles, particularly tiles found on the bottom, overhanging parts of their roof, don’t present too much of a problem. Apart from the aesthetic issue, even one missing tile can cause unnecessary roofing problems and affect the integrity of the rest of your roof if left unattended over a period of time. Once you notice a missing tile, it is very possible that there are more tiles missing on other parts of your roof that you might not be able to see, which is why it is important to call a contractor to not only fix the problem, but also ensure that there are no other problems.

Prevention is always better than cure, so the best way to ensure you never lose a tile is to have a contractor inspect and maintain your roof regularly. Call the experts at AABCO Roofing, Inc. to make sure your roof is in good order.

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