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Custom Made Skylight

Skylights, especially when custom made, are wonderful in so many ways. It sometimes becomes difficult wondering why some people don’t opt to include them. From aesthetic appeal to outright usefulness, custom made skylights can be quite an investment. If you’re wondering how something that so many homes have done perfectly well without for so long can be a worthwhile inclusion to yours, we are ready with all the information you need to see their value. At the end of the day, times are changing and housing needs to adjust. Skylights fall into the category of ways that you can be making better choices. But first, some fun stuff.

Where to Put It

People have gotten really creative with the placement of their skylights. Having one in an entertainment space invites everyone to enjoy the feature, making your home a guest’s favorite. Some people opt to place a skylight at the perfect spot for stargazing in the tub. What a way to unwind. Others place it in a study or office, which we think may not be the best place to enjoy the view but it would probably help with stress. Placing a custom skylight in a child’s bedroom may also be set to be a trend because of the benefits of natural light. The best place, really, is your favorite room of the house.

Benefits of Custom Made Skylights

  • Styles

    There are shapes and sizes to choose from, making this a fun project. Once you have selected the room, you can consider all the benefits (listed next in this article) to help your selection. Size can depend on how much of a view and light you want to let in, and shape can affect the aesthetics factor. If you are going for a certain look or trying to carry a theme through the style of your home, a skylight can develop this look.

  • Reduce Your Electric Bill With Natural Light

    Housing decisions are often first and foremost driven by affordability, and so we know this reason will be a favorite. If you Google ways to lower your electric costs, you are sure to find a range of articles informing you to draw your blinds as late as possible so as to make use of natural lighting for more of the day. This is at home or at your business. Skylights fall into the same category for impact on the bills. Cleverly designed and placed skylights will let in the most light, and from a position where you are used to light coming from – above. Skylights are being custom made now with this aim in mind. They can be placed at a spot and at an angle to capture the late rays if this is your motivation for choosing them.

  • Help the Environment

    This goes hand in hand with lowering your electric bill and is something that is a growing focal point for those building or renovating their homes. We all want to be doing our bit; making choices that will lower our carbon footprint. If you are trying to decrease what you spend on electricity each month, natural lighting such as a skylight will help lower the number of hours you’re dependent on the light switch. These hours add up on your bill. Some skylights are also designed to assist with ventilating a space, which could impact your cooling needs in a good way as well.

  • Add Value to Your Home

    It’s not just that natural lighting opens up a space and leaves it feeling more welcoming, you can use this feature in your home to promote its value. Skylights are an admired feature, and now they are also an environmentally conscious feature. Just as people might be drawn to a home with fitted solar facilities, skylights will be one of those seemingly small details to draw attention.

  • Help with De-Stressing

    It’s a stressed-out world and we need to make our homes as calming as possible. This space needs to aid in your well-being. Imagine being able to stargaze while you unwind in your living room or bedroom. Hotels use this feature to promote their rooms, but why should it be restricted to a vacation space? Bring it home. Natural light is also said to make people happier, so this is a great way to be less exposed to harsh and unnatural lighting for too many straight hours.

Advancements in Skylight Design

One major way skylights have been customarily improved is with the use of impact glass. This minimizes a lot of the risk of your skylight breaking during a hurricane. Mentioned previously in the article, electric vent skylights are being used to support the cooling systems installed in homes.

If you do decide on a skylight, for the fun or for the benefits, make sure to hire a professional fit for the job. They need to know about Florida building regulations and how skylights need to be installed. The skylight also needs to be properly sealed so as not to create a weak spot in your home. Our team has been in the business for generations and we are no stranger to fitting homes with custom made skylights in Florida conditions. Contact us with questions or for quotes.

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