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Is a Roof Maintenance Contract Worth It?

Other than cleaning the gutters whenever they get clogged, most people never see the top of their roof. When something does go wrong, we often call a professional and have them fix the situation, but that can be costly and cause unnecessary damage to your home that could be prevented by purchasing a roof maintenance contract instead.

Why Do Roofs Need Maintenance?

Roofs, like any other part of your house, need to be maintained in order to remain in perfect working order. Although your roof is most likely very sturdy and durable, it isn’t indestructible and can easily be damaged. The majority of damage is simple to fix if it is noticed early on, but if left to become a bigger problem roof damage can lead to the need for an all out roof replacement, which is a costly affair that we would all like to avoid. Roof maintenance is one way to avoid expensive damage to your property, as it prevents small problems from turning into bigger ones.

When Do Roofs Need Maintenance?

Roofs need maintenance all year round, but that doesn’t mean you have to climb up a precarious ladder every weekend to try and see if there are any problems. By purchasing a roof maintenance contract, trained professionals will be able to inspect your roof and ensure that there aren’t any slight problems that you would not have noticed. If they do pick up on some damage, after a particularly bad bout of weather for example, it is simple enough for these professionals to just repair the problem rather than let it get out of hand. While they won’t be coming around every weekend to crash your Sunday lunches, they will come at least twice a year and after very have storms to ensure that your roof remains properly maintained.

Should You Maintain, Repair or Replace Your Roof?

As a homeowner, there are three ways to look after your roof: you can maintain it, repair it or completely replace it.


  • although it may seem like an unnecessary expense if you don’t currently have any roof problems, maintenance is a preventative measure in the sense that it ensures you won’t have any problems with your roof in the future. By maintaining your roof, trained professionals are able to increase its longevity and durability by preventing small issues from becoming big, costly problems.


  • once a problem has become significant enough for you to notice it, it will require a professional repair in order to be fixed. While repairing a roof is sometimes necessary, prevention is always better than cure and thus maintenance is often a better option.


  • sometimes a roof simply just needs to be replaced, either because it is too old to be repaired or because it is irreparably damaged.

However, roof replacement is a costly affair that can usually be avoided by repairing a problem or preventing it through maintenance, and is frequently used as a last resort.

While each option has merit, roof maintenance is often the most beneficial in the long run as it prevents costly repairs or even more costly roof replacement. Contact AABCO Roofing, Inc. and ask one of the friendly staff about their roof maintenance contracts.

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