Can A Metal Roof Be Repaired?

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Professionally installed metal roofs have an incredible life span. Where shingle roofs traditionally last for between 20-25 years, steel roofs can easily last for over 50 years. Having said this, no roofing material will last forever, and even metal roofs will require maintenance and repairs from time to time. But can a metal roof be repaired effectively and neatly? Here’s the low down on professional metal roof repair.

The Causes Of Leaks In Metal Roofs 

Roof leaks are usually caused by two different factors. Poor installation, or weather damage and aging. Learning to identify these causes will help you to know how to go about fixing your roof.

Poor Installation

  • No installation of an additional sealant strip at the panel and eave connection points
  • The omission of caulking sealants in the roof seam cavities
  • No tape sealant installation under the screw holes
  • Incorrectly installed flashing and joint sealants

Weather Damage and Aging

Severe weather can cause damage to your roof seams as well as the sheet fasteners. When the integrity of your structure’s underpinnings is compromised, the result is that some panels of your metal roof may lift over time. On the other hand, over time, water damage can lead to premature rust which can lead to holes in your roofing sheets.

It’s recommended to get your metal roof inspected occasionally to identify any leaks or problem areas. Leaving leaks unchecked can result in more expensive repairs being required at a later stage.

Metal Roof Repair Is Possible

Metal roofs can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage. It’s important to first identify the cause and nature of the damage to decide on the best repair method. Remember to consider getting a professional roofer in to help assess and repair your roof. It could save you hours of frustration and time. Here’s a look at the different repairs that are possible.

Rust Removal

Minor areas of rust can be removed by either sanding or scrubbing the affected area with a wire brush. After the rust has been removed, a primer will need to be applied, followed by a re-coating layer.

Replacement Of Fasteners 

Corroded or missing fasteners should be replaced to prevent further damage from occurring. Fasteners should be replaced along with a butyl rubber washer to prevent any leaks. Finally, these are to be covered with caulk with the use of a sealant.

Hole Patching

If you only have a few holes that need fixing, these can be patched with the use of a few materials. After cleaning the surrounding area, Butyl tape will need to be applied to the perimeter of the hole. Then a patch of galvanized metal will need to be placed over the hole. The patch will need to be secured using screws that are carefully installed. It’s recommended that you use a professional roofer to do any patch repair work as this process can easily go wrong in inexperienced hands. For certain holes, a seam membrane may be the better repair option.

Entire Panel Replacement

When extensive damage has occurred to your metal roofing, an entire replacement may be required. The affected metal panels as well as the underlying rafters will need to be identified and replaced depending on the damage found.

The Metal Roof Repair Professionals In Pompano Beach

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