Withstanding a Hurricane with Quality Roofing

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There is no good in being proud of your new roof if it flies away during the next hurricane storm. While the structure of your roof makes a big difference in stability against wind, it’s not always easy to change the roof structure if your house is already built. However, you can change your type of roofing materials, and this is where quality roofing comes in!

Insurance claims relating to storm damage most often concern roof damage, as roofs are one the most vulnerable structures due to their exposure. A damaged roof means that the rest of your house will be at risk, especially in the case of an ongoing storm or hurricane. South Florida is one of the top five U.S. cities prone to hurricanes, which means a higher risk of severe wind damage to your home.

While quality is usually costly, it has a much higher chance of withstanding hurricane forces. Quality materials can actually save you money long term, as withstanding a hurricane means preventing the potential costs of replacing furniture, walls, household appliances, plumbing, cars and gardening. What’s more, you can prevent the worry, stress and cost of a hospital or vet bill (making quality roofing materials worth its price).

What Quality Materials Are Available?

    1. Asphalt Shingles

      This type is made up of a variety of materials layered with a waterproof coating. Having a variety of material means a variety of advantages! Composite material is designed to resist damage; something which does not apply to its natural counterparts. It can usually withstand winds of up to 110 mph, and because of its ‘mixed’ nature, it also has fade resistance and impact resistance. This type is the most common in the U.S due to being easily customized, with a variety of color, shape and texture to choose from. Above all, this material is one of the most cost-effective options, with a life expectancy ranging between 15-20 years.

  1. Tile Roofing

    This type is solid and heavy, which is useful for withstanding strong winds. In context of Florida’s extreme weather patterns, these tiles are especially useful as they are resistant to heavy rain and wind. Tile roofing comes in a wide variety of color and design and is often chosen for durability due to its resistance to fire, rot and insect-boring damage. The best thing about tile roofing is that it has the longest life expectancy, and so requires very little maintenance. Our tiles can last approximately 25 years (a warranty that will save you maintenance and replacements costs!)

While these materials are great for withstanding hurricanes, they are not entirely immune to it, and can only serve as a preventative measure. You can always be better prepared, so look out for signs of bad quality materials:

    • Uneven tiles. The uniformity of your roof is important, as one tile should not be standing out too much. This could mean that it was not laid properly.
    • Look out for any discoloration, as this could indicate age or rot.
    • Are there any crooked or different shapes? This could end up being a weak point of your roof if it does not hold well with the rest.
  • Remember to check your ceiling from the inside of your house as well, as water damage is not always visible from the outside! A water damaged roof means a weakened one that is vulnerable to wind damage, so consider regular checks for mold or discoloration.

Make sure that you regularly check the maintenance of your roof and consider other household reinforcements, such as windows and doors. We know that it is important to prepare for hurricane season, which is why we are unique in that we consider weather and product quality specific to South Florida’s needs. Contact a professional licensed roofing contractor at Aabco Roofing for more information.

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