Why Is It Important To Get Your Commercial Roofing System Inspected?

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Commercial Roofing System

The roof protects your building and it takes a lot of impact and damage, especially during the rainy months in South Florida. That is why getting a commercial roofing system inspection is so important. It gives you the opportunity to prevent and mend damage before it turns into an expensive and devastating problem.

What Can Affect Your Roof?

It’s unavoidable, but anything that has a negative impact on your roof is a threat to your entire building and its contents. By understanding what can damage your roof, you can take the proper precautions to prevent the issue from getting worse due to neglect.

Wear and Tear

Humans and animals can cause unintentional damage to your roof just by walking on it. Regular use of the roof will eventually create complications. The wear and tear potential increases if there’s equipment on the roof.

When people go up to use or inspect that equipment, there will be more naturally occurring damage. It will start small, but if it’s not properly maintained the wear and tear will grow into a much larger issue.


This is your roof’s biggest threat. Normal climate, like rainstorms, and abnormal weather, like hurricanes, have a huge impact on your commercial roof.

Tree branches can be scraped across your roof during a windstorm and create damage. You need a professional to perform a commercial roofing system inspection to understand the full scope of the damage.

What Will Be Inspected?

You should have a commercial roofing inspection done twice a year. Once before and once after the winter season. This will help prevent issues by catching any problem areas before they have time to grow.

Drains and Downspouts

All debris and leaves must be removed from the draining areas. This will prevent overflow or backup that can lead to water damage.

Roof Membrane

Your inspector will look for tears, cracks, holes, or weaknesses. They must be repaired immediately as they will only get worse over time. This is especially important to take care of before hurricane season starts. The extreme weather and the rain will only make the weaknesses worse.


A common problem on any roof is improperly secured flashing. Over time, the flashing will begin to loosen after being exposed to the elements. They need to be properly secured to prevent any water penetration.

Rooftop Vents and Equipment

Similar to the flashing, the inspector will check to ensure that the vents and equipment won’t allow leaks into the building.

Overall Condition

Your roof doesn’t stay new forever. Rot, rust, algae, and moss occur naturally over time. Eventually, they will form on your roof and an inspector will need to find them. They’ll also look for peeling paint and missing parts.

These small and common occurrences are an easy fix that will help keep your commercial roof in good condition.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

While repairs could seem expensive upfront, they pale in comparison to the invoice you will get if you don’t fix the problem. A commercial roofing system inspection is the best way to catch these issues early on. The longer you wait, the worse it gets and the more expensive the damage gets.

Occupants and Equipment

The people and equipment that live in your building can be seriously affected by a poorly maintained roof. Belongings and equipment can get damaged. Most importantly, leaks can lead to mold that can cause serious health issues.

Insurance Companies

If a problem could have been prevented or it got worse due to neglect, you could be liable for some of the repair costs. You can prevent these extra costs by proving that you’ve recently had an inspection and that you followed through with the inspector’s recommendations.

Don’t Neglect Your Roof

Prevent damage before it starts and take proper precautions against the inevitable. AABCO Roofing won’t let you down. We’ll send over a professional to conduct a commercial roofing system inspection. Call 954-426-8500 or visit our contact us page to get started.

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