Why Have A Steep Roof?

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As a homeowner, are you trying to decide if a steep roof is the best choice for you and your home? Steeper roofs are more commonly used in areas where the rainfall is high. Many people are under a common misconception that these roofs are costly, or that they need more materials and need more maintenance than low-sloped roofs and flat roofs. Steep roofs can be very valuable and they could even save you some time, stress, and even money.

The steepness of your roof is often referred to as roof pitch. The pitch of a roof is measured in inches, by the ratio of the horizontal rise to the vertical run. Pitches starting at 9:12 and above are classified as steep roofs, and the higher the first number the steeper the roof!

The Many Benefits of Steep Roofs

Steep roofs can prove to be very beneficial when they’re maintained and repaired by roofing professionals. Listed below are a few of the benefits of steep roofs.

  • Less Pooling Water

    The danger of pooling water is reduced. Due to the steepness of the roof, water is quickly guided down into gutters and away from the roof. If water is left to pool it will damage the integrity of your roof. Any water lingering on your roof will cause leaks and damage your roofing material.

  • More Storage Space

    Are you needing a space for long-term or seasonal storage? If your home has a steep roof, look no further. Due to steep roofs being quite tall in stature, you have more space for storage. A steep roof can house a larger area for you to have a larger attic than an average-sized roof.

  • Less Debris

    Debris buildup is non-existent with steep roofs. On low-slope roofs, debris such as leaves, branches, dirt, old flowers, bark, and even seed pods all gather together. These have to be removed manually by yourself or a roofing professional. Steep slope roofs have gravity working to their advantage, this keeps your roof clean and debris-free.

  • Longer Lifespan

    Steep roofs usually have longer lifetimes and don’t need as many repairs as both low-slope and flat roofs need when they’re often maintained by roofing professionals. This happens due to steep roofs not having to battle against excess debris and pooling water on a regular basis.

  • Reduced Electricity Bills

    Reduced cooling bills can be one of the many perks. All a cold roof system needs are good airflow inside a steep roof pitch to start helping you to save your dollars. A cold roof system allows air to glide past into the eaves and out the ridge.

  • A Variety of Styles

    Steep roofs offer a wide variety of styles and different decorations. One of the many reasons why steep roofs are popular is visibility! Having a steep roof helps to make your home look larger and ornate. They allow you to experiment with inventive design, with gables and decorative caps.

Steep Roof Maintenance

With your home having a steep roof, it’s advised to always call in the professionals! It would be very detrimental if you tried to fix something yourself. Roofing companies like AABCC Roofing, have the necessary equipment and tools to maintain your steep roof and help keep it looking its best.

Roofing Companies for You

When it comes to steep roofs you need qualified, professional roofers to handle any of your maintenance and repairs as they can be tricky and dangerous for a non-roofer to tackle. If you have any questions or queries about steep roofs, their installation or their maintenance call our roofing experts at AABCO Roofing – we have all the answers! Contact our professionals today at 1-954-426-8500 to schedule a consultation.

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