When Do I Need To Call A Roofer?

Roofing Tips


Your roof is an important part of your home’s integrity and it helps to protect you and your family from the outside elements. Every roof gets damaged and worn down as the years go by. But, having a reliable roofer you can call on in times of need, makes your life so much easier.

If you notice any of the signs or you have encountered them in your home listed below, it’s time for you to call a reliable, qualified roofer.

After A Storm

You should always call a roofer after a heavy storm or hurricane. Storms can cause a wide variety of issues that often need a roofer’s expertise. Another tip is to call an honest, reliable roofer before your insurance because a roofer will be able to assess the damage and tell you if it warrants insurance claims.

Notice Leaks Coming Through

Leaks should always be repaired as soon as they’re found.

Leaks can cause warping of your home’s walls, water stains and crumbling drywall. If left unattended, leaks can grow in size and can double the damage. The longer you leave it, the more money you’ll have to spend.

When You See Damage

Roof damage isn’t always easy to spot, that’s why you should monitor your roof every few weeks to make sure everything is in order. The common damages include: Tears, rips, cracks, flashing, punctured shingles and missing or bald shingles. When you notice these, it’s time to write them down and hire a roofing technician.

Your Roof Has Hit It’s Twentieth Birthday

Your average asphalt shingle roof can last for up to 20 years if maintained properly. Clay tile roofs last even longer. After a 20-year time frame, your whole roof should be inspected by a qualified roofing technician, even if it looks in good condition.

Corroded Roof Valleys

These are v shaped metal channels that run in the folds of your roof. Old valleys start to corrode, more so in the fall because of the fallen leaves. They will need to be replaced if this happens.

Cracked Shingles

Shingles typically only crack because of two things. First, they’re part of a defective batch or were not installed properly and second, thermal splitting has occurred in the shingle.

Bald Spots From Missing Granules

All shingles have a type of sealing agent on the underside to help keep them in place. As the shingles get older the sealant wears off and even if you nailed it down the shingle will still come off in strong wind. This can lead to water damage.

Shingles That Are Buckled Or Curled

One of the first signs that you need a new roof is if you have buckled or curling shingles. Buckling and curling occur when the shingles are exposed to moisture, excessive heat and of course aging. These issues damage the integrity of your home.

Chimney Flashing Leaks

No one wants to deal with a chimney that leaks! If you’re a home in South Florida that happens to have a chimney, the source of the leak is usually faulty flashing. Flashing is the sheet metal that’s installed to make the space between the chimney and the roof watertight. Over time your flashing will lose effectiveness.

Daylight Through The Roof Boards

If you have an attic in your home, be sure to look for daylight coming in through the roofing boards and for any moisture that is near or in your insulation as these will lead to leaks if left alone.

Your Roof Looks Tired & Worn

Cracks and missing shingles and tiles are just two of the issues that come with your roof aging in a not so graceful way. Sometimes you’ll need a whole new roof, other times a roofing technician can quickly solve the problem.

Gutters With Shingle Granule Build Up

Granule loss is normal for asphalt shingle roofs that are more than two years old. It’s considered as part of the wear and tear that happens. Granule loss on a new roof is a warning sign, so be sure to clean your gutters to see if your roof is losing granules or not.

Roofing Companies In Florida

When your roofing repairs start to ruffle your feathers, don’t hesitate to call our professional roofing technicians for a reprieve. For all your roofing needs and questions contact AABCO Roofing in Florida—we have all the answers to your roofing questions! Don’t hesitate to contact us at 954-426-8500 or visit our website to get a quote.

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