What Should I Do About Missing Shingles?

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missing shingles

So, you have a missing shingle? It may be hideous to look at and so you have already reached out to a reliable local roofing contractor. Or, maybe you’re thinking you can just cover it with holiday decorations or perhaps that it’s not a big deal because the missing shingle is located on the backside of your home. Whatever is going through your head, the professional roofers at Aabco Roofing are here to give you the facts on missing shingles and what you should do about them! 

What To Do About Missing Shingles?

What is the actual protocol when it comes to missing roof shingles? Are there risks involved in not fixing it? Let’s take a look at the best thing to do if you have looked up and noticed a missing shingle or shingles on your residential roof.

Step 1: Do Not Play The Waiting Game

Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against the elements, which can be brutal in South Florida. This is why we recommend not waiting to get it fixed as soon as humanly possible. In fact, there are many reasons to make sure your roof is repaired as soon as you notice it.

For example, should a tropical storm hit, you may end up with much more extensive damage, and your insurance company may not want to cover you for those damages. Discovering that there were missing shingles before the storm might give them the assumption that the damage could have been avoided. Generally, bruised or damaged shingles are red flags to insurers.

But aside from insurance headaches, dealing with the damages themselves are obnoxious. From mold issues to structural damages, anything could go wrong. This is not just an unsightly problem, easily solved with a little holiday tinsel.

Step 2: Get An Expert To Do The Assessment

As tempting as it is for some people to climb up on the roof and check out the problem for themselves, resist the urge! It is always recommended that when dealing with roof issues, leave it to the trained professionals. 

Maybe you’re thinking about doing it yourself because it will save you time and money, but we cannot stress enough the importance of calling the experts! Not only is it extremely dangerous, but say you exacerbate the problem causing even more damage than what you started with? The more work you need to have done, the more expensive the bill. If that weren’t enough, it could have negative implications on your insurance coverage by not using a licensed contractor. 

Step 3: Get It Fixed Properly

Coming up with a temporary solution is sometimes necessary, but even then, it should be done by a professional, and only if there is no way to get the shingle replaced immediately.

As a note: It’s always a good idea to have some extra shingles around for circumstances like these. If you don’t have any extras laying around, a professional roofing contractor will be able to appropriately match the shingles for you.

Step 4: Check For Damages

Even if you think that you only have a missing shingle or two, it’s never a bad idea to get complete roof inspection when tending to any roofing damages. This could potentially identify other problems you didn’t even know existed, saving you time and money in the long run. 

What Happens If I Don’t Fix Missing Shingles?

Leaving missing shingles for any amount of time can lead to further issues with mold, pests, roof structure, and even leaks. 

In South Florida, because of hurricane force winds and rain, it’s important to note that having gaps in shingles on your roof could make it less effective during a storm. Excessive moisture entering your home can lead to much more than just a simple roof issue. 

With the 2020 hurricane season behind us, now is a great time to look into roof repairs as well as coming up with a yearly maintenance plan to help you stay ahead of any future inclement weather.

Don’t Wait! For Roof Repairs, Call The Experts

If you’re dealing with missing shingles, give Aabco Roofing a call today at 954-426-8500. Our team is experienced in all sorts roofing issues and we’ll be sure to give you the best solution, tailored to your budget and your problem.

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