What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

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A standing seam metal roof is a type of metal roofing that uses concealed fasteners during installation. Its metal panels are installed so the seams are elevated above the surface of the roof, creating a flat and smooth exterior finish.

Metal roofs have been in use since the late 1800s. Their popularity continues to grow as they offer durability, affordability, and curb appeal. A standing seam metal roof is an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly option for your residential or commercial building. If you need to know everything about standard metal roofs, you have come to the right place.

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

The two major categories of standing seam metal roof panels are snap-lock and mechanical lock panels. Factors such as your preferences and environment should guide you in choosing the perfect panel for you.

Snap-lock Panels

Snap-lock panels have male and female legs that snap together. They are attached to the roof deck with clips using hands, without the need for mechanical assistance. They can be a good option if you are operating on a tight budget since their cost and installation are affordable.

Mechanical Lock Panels

Mechanical lock panels require a machine to crimp them together to the roof deck. These panels use a single lock or double lock system. Single lock systems are the easiest to install and involve folding the seams of the panel once (90 degrees). On the other hand, double locks require folding twice during the installation (180 degrees). Their installation cost might be higher, but they are more durable.

Why Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofs?

Choosing the right roofing for your house can be challenging. As much as you may be having tens of options, settling on standing seam metal roofs guarantees you the following benefits:

More Weather Tight

There are two types of roofing systems for metals – those that use concealed fasteners and those that rely on exposed fasteners. Standing seam panels use the former, making them more weather tight. Therefore, you should worry less about roof leaks during heavy storms. In winter, these roofing designs are more resistant to snow formation, with the snow sliding off easily and not piling on your roof to form ice. Thankfully, living in South Florida, we never have to worry about the latter!


Standing seam roofs can be considered a lifetime investment for your house, meaning you may not have to replace them due to damage by weather elements any time soon after the installation process.

With a lifespan of over 50 years, these roofs are indeed a long-term investment. Despite exposure to harsh weather elements such as extreme temperatures, strong winds, ice, and storms, standing seam metal roofs do not crack, corrode, or warp easily.

Enhance the Curb Appeal of a Property

Among the things that boost your property’s curb appeal, roofing systems may appear at the top. A durable, clean, and sparkling roof will easily attract anyone interested in your building. A striking roof can enhance your home’s value by up to 6%.

Standing seam metal roofs give your house a stunning look and instantly improves its curb appeal. As much as looks may be subjective, many people consider these roofing panels as the most attractive. With concealed fasteners, they appear modern, clean, and sleek.

Fire Resistant

If you need a home that can survive an inferno, then standing seam metal roofs should be your perfect option. When installed correctly, metal roofing panels can score a Class A fire rating. This is the highest fire-resistance rating, meaning that your house can withstand severe exposure to fire. While your property may not be completely fire-proof, a standing seam metal roof may give firefighters enough time to put out a fire before it raises down your whole building.

Low Maintenance Cost

Unlike other roofing designs that use exposed fasteners, such as screws, standing seam metal panels are installed using concealed fasteners. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about replacing broken or backed-out screws or washers because of harsh weather elements.

Do You Need a Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation?

Standing seam metal roof panels are a popular and unique choice for commercial buildings and high-end homes. Our industry experts can help you make an informed decision about which type of metal roofing is right for your building. Contact AABCO Roofing today to get your free roofing estimate.

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