What is GACO Silicone Flat Roof Coating?

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GACO silicone flat roof coating

Before even talking about GACO silicone flat roof coating, it’s important to first talk about what roof coating is. When planning a house, business, or apartment complex, something that needs to go into the consideration of the building project is the roof; the shape, the materials, the flashings. What often doesn’t go into the planning process is the type of coating that is going to go on the roof. “Roof coating?” you may be asking yourself. Roof coating is one of the most important parts that go into the planning and finishing of a flat roof. It is essential to increase the longevity of a flat roof, by protecting it against harsh weather conditions and providing protection against ponding water.

The Costs Of Flat Roof Coating

You may look at your roof and think “this definitely has to be replaced!” Fortunately, with roof coating, you can revitalize your flat roof without having to go through the costly process of replacing the entire thing. Also, flat roofs that have a coating have shown to be less prone to damage and, in the long run, will help you save on roof repair costs that might pile up.

The Best Flat Roof Coating

The next question that you might be asking yourself is what the best flat roof coating is. There are a whole host of materials that can be used to coat a roof. The most common materials used are acrylic polymers, urethanes or asphalt. Deciding which is best for your flat roof is something that you should discuss with your roofing professional.

The Benefits of GACO Silicone Flat Roof Coating

A new product that has come into the market is GACO Silicone flat roof coating. We at AABCO Roofing have looked at this product and come up with a list of benefits of this product over other types of flat roof coatings.

  1. Long-Life Warranty

    This product boasts up to a 25-year warranty of protection for your roof. This is much longer than other flat roof coatings, which usually last around 3 to 5 years before the roof needs to be recoated. This warranty is guaranteed if the coating is applied properly by a licensed and experienced roof contractor. Most other roof coatings decay from the exposure to freeze-thaw cycles, sunlight, and UV rays.

  2. Waterproofing

    GACO provides excellent waterproofing for your flat roof. Over time, other materials used for coating can be prone to peeling and bubbling, leaving your roof vulnerable to the elements and water damage that can occur, but these risks are reduced with GACO silicone coating. Additionally, this material has incredible adhesive properties, making it bind to the roof materials better than other products, leaving less room for error in the long run.

  3. Can Be Used on (Almost) Any Roof Type

    This coating is so versatile that it can be used on almost any type of flat roof surface. The only material that it cannot be used on it architectural shingle or 3-tab asphalt roofs.

If you are interested in coating your flat roof and are unsure of whether you will require a primer layer, make sure to consult one of our licensed, experienced roofing contractors in order to answer any questions you may have, assess the status of your roof and for the application of the GACO coating. Contact one of our flat roof coating experts at AABCO Roofing for all your questions and queries, or phone us on 1-954-426-8500 today!

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