Top Tips to Fix a Commercial Roof Leak

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fix commercial roof leak

There is so much more to consider when the need arises to fix a commercial roof leak. A commercial roof leak that goes unfixed extends to more than your personal belongings – you need to consider insurance and compensation risks as well.

It may be tempting to bring down the cost of a repair like this by considering a DIY route, but this is not advisable. With the aid of a professional, repairs can be done without the risk of missing any underlying issues, and without the risk of voiding warranties.

You may think that it is possible to find and fix a leak on a commercial roof however, you will not be able to do a thorough assessment of what caused the problem in the first place, or what other damage may have been caused in the layers below the visible problem area or the surrounding structure. When a commercial property is involved, extra caution must be taken to ensure that all scenarios are considered before any repairs are attempted. Even if the leak is in need of urgent attention and waiting for a contractor seems like it could cause more damage, there are factors in play that a mind focused on immediate needs won’t be clearly accounting for.

Here are some tips to consider when it comes to commercial leaks.

Being Aware of a Roof Leak

  • Visible Signs

    There are a number of ways in which you could become aware of a leak. These include water stains, puddles, bubbling or tearing, or even faults with the flashes and runoff. You could try to trace the leak, or it may be apparent where it is stemming from, but it is advisable to call a professional to have a look at what extent repairs are necessary.

  • Regular Checks

    Even if there is no obvious sign of a leak, it is important to do regular checks as the roof may not be the most visible – leaks could be a result of issues that have been going on for quite some time before they lead to any visible signs of a problem. Unless there is constant traffic on the roof, you might not know until the damage is more far spread than it would have been if regular checks were being performed. To this end, it is useful to have regular maintenance done on your commercial roof.

Reason to Use a Professional Roofing Company

  • Prevention

    If you have a contractor that does regular checks and maintenance for you, the chances are that leaks that crop up won’t have reached severe levels before they are noticed. It also means that there will be a party who is invested in the health of your commercial roof.

  • Warranty Awareness

    A professional will have information on what warranty is provided for the kind of roofing that is installed. Knowing what your warranty covers might prohibit you paying out of pocket for something that is covered.

  • Diligence

    Roof leaks could be indicative of more serious problems. Hiring a pro for the job will mean that they job is done properly, and there is less likelihood that you will find yourself needing to do repairs again in the near future.

  • Taking Care of Your Investments

    Your commercial roof is an investment – an asset. You want to take care in insuring that it doesn’t cost you unnecessarily. A string of DIY repairs over time will end up causing the roof to need replacing much sooner than should be necessary. Keep in mind that DIY jobs could have implications on your warranty, and even on certain insurance.

  • Insurance

    Speaking of insurance, a risk involved in trying to fix a leak (whether you miss an underlying problem or not) is that your insurance might not cover the hazard of someone being on your roof without the necessary paperwork and experience. A contractor should have licenses and proper equipment, as well as insurance that covers any risk to themselves. Your insurance likely won’t have this coverage – not to mention access to the right safety equipment (which would also mean a hefty insurance risk on your part). The last thing you want to be paying out, over and above repair costs, is health bills.

  • Risks

    If a DIY job goes awry, there could be loss of income and working hours. If the commercial building is housing tenant companies, you won’t want to risk putting them in a position that could have been avoided if you had hired a professional. You could also be putting employees at risk.

  • Things to Consider

    A professional will know to consider things like power lines in the building, and surrounding the building. They will be mindful of doing repairs under the right conditions for the best possible outcome – for example, certain repairs should be done in dry conditions. They will also be familiar with any commercial building codes that have implications on the necessary repairs.

Roofs of commercial buildings are subjected to elements that take their toll – they need special care. If you suspect a leak, don’t avoid having it seen to – leaks are the leading cause of mold and can cause severe damage to other parts of the building.

Keep in mind that most warranties require regular maintenance and so proper care by a professional is not something to be ignored – this is a source of income and an asset. It is worth your while in every sense to hire a professional whom you have researched well. Before any work begins, make sure that all estimated repairs and costs are put in writing. Speaking of costs, this is not the only aspect that you need to keep in mind.

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