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If you’re at the stage of renovating your home, building a new home, or simply taking care of general wear and tear on your roof, choosing the correct materials depends on a few factors. Among them are cost of materials, weather elements in your city, the durability of the materials, and not forgetting the overall look and feel that you are aiming for when it comes to the design of your home. Residential roofing entails a great number of roofing materials that can be chosen, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Each factor essentially feeds into the other and the outcome is preferably a satisfied customer and a beautiful, strong roof. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to consider when shopping for roofing materials because let’s face it, it isn’t every day that you undertake a project like this and we don’t blame you for being overwhelmed by the many options.


Cost should be considered for installation but also for the overall maintenance and upkeep of your roofing system. Roofing materials that are expensive to install will likely be expensive to maintain further down the line. Your chosen materials will also depend on the budget you’ve set for the project, so having a discussion with your contractor may help you get started if you haven’t already agreed on an amount. Sticking to this budget is the best route to go so that you don’t run into any trouble down the road, like not being able to cover the final stages of your project due to low capital.  If you’re undertaking a re-roofing project, it would make good sense to ensure that these materials do not cost more than opting for an entire roof replacement.

Weather Elements and Climate

Because your roof plays a vital role in protecting you and your family, you need to consider the weather elements and the overall climate of the area you live in. Florida experiences hurricanes regularly during season and therefore homeowners need to prepare accordingly. Homeowners in the Florida area should adhere to hurricane roofing codes and an experienced roofing company will be aware of this an be able to guide you accordingly. Environmental factors have the most impact on your roof and the materials chosen should be able to withstand intense conditions without fear or doubt. In some cases, going for the more aesthetically pleasing option isn’t always the smartest one when you weigh the projected lifespan of certain tiles, etc. exposed to extreme conditions. Composition shingles do not handle high impact weather conditions like strong winds and extreme heat and therefore would not be a good idea for Florida homes.

The strength and longevity of your roof depends largely on the materials that you chose. Each roofing system has requirements during installation to ensure its durability and longevity.

Housing Design Style

The style of your house will answer to the style of materials you chose. If you’re looking for a more elegant finish, a rubber tile selection will not be a suitable choice for your home. Similarly, the height, size, shape, and age of your home will determine what works best. Because your roof finishes off the look of your home due to its prominence, you’ll want these factors to be complimentary. Not only do the aesthetics come to mind when we talk about design and style; you should also consider things like your HVAC system and whether the nature of the roof compliments this. Roof shingles are offered in different styles, colors, and textures so you are spoilt for choice and have the opportunity to seriously upscale your home with the design of your roof.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Regardless of what roofing materials you decide to use, it is always suggested that regular roof maintenance takes place. Some roofing systems require more work than others such as installing a skylight to enhance the interior of your rooms. Taking care of a skylight requires regular cleaning, leak checks, and glass checks. This is also a vulnerable part of your roof and should be handled with care. Tiled roofs are built to last and resist common roofing problems such as mildew and algae. The tiles require very little maintenance but the area beneath the tiles should be replaced every 8-20 years. This can be an undertaking on its own. Cedar roofing requires high maintenance and should be cleaned and inspected annually.

Roof shopping is a real thing. We find that customers enjoy this process more than anticipated when working hand-in-hand with experts and that the end product is that much more appealing that they’ve hand-picked their roofing system based on a well-informed approach. You have the opportunity to improve your home’s curb appeal while maintaining the safety of your family. At AABCO Roofing we’re passionate about creating professional, high quality, effective solutions for your roof, but what we enjoy most is undertaking this project with you as the homeowner.

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