The Importance Of Good Roof Draining System

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Roof Draining System

The draining system on your roof serves a vital function, especially when you live in South Florida, an area notoriously known for its wet and rainy seasons. Because of this, it’s important that you maintain your roof’s drain so it can work efficiently and keep you and your family protected from the elements. Besides, who wants to start hurricane season with clogged roof drains? In this article, we will discuss the importance of a good draining system and how to properly maintain your existing roof drains.

How Does Roof Drainage Work?

Roof drains are used to get rid of excess water that most often comes from rain. Roof drains usually include a cast iron grate to prevent debris from blocking the flow of water down the drain. The system is designed to prevent water from pooling on the roof’s surface, thereby preventing water damage to your home.

Drains are usually placed at the lowest point of the roof, as this is where water collects the most. These roof drainage systems are usually installed in flat or semi-flat roofs, as they do not have a natural run-off in the same way that pitch roofs do. Roof drains can be made of a variety of materials, like metal, synthetic (plastics) or cast iron, and can vary in durability and cost.

What Makes a Roof Drain So Important?

Your roof’s purpose is to protect the structure, the people, and the things below. This means keeping your home sheltered from weather elements like wind, sun, and rain. Your roof’s drainage system is an integral part of keeping your home protected since it controls the flow of water to prevent it from causing damage.

Roof drainage systems are also useful for minimizing groundwater accumulation around your home’s foundation. Water accumulation in the roof can also directly affect the household structure, especially if the roof should leak or cave in. An efficient roof drain can prevent short and long-term damage to your roof, in turn making your roof a low-maintenance and cost-effective investment.

Protection From Wind and Rain

It is also important to consider the environment where your home is located. In locations like South Florida, hurricanes and heavy rain often occur and can cause flooding if the drainage system on the roof is not fast and efficient. Strong winds can also exacerbate draining problems if the water flow is interrupted by wind force.

Because hurricane season is often the cause of flying debris, a drainage system not only has to be efficient at water drainage but must also be able to withstand external forces and weathering from harsh elements. Drainage systems can come in a variety of materials, and so it is important to get an expert roofing contractor like Aabco Roofing Corp. to help you choose the right materials and design of drainage for your home.


Drainage systems can be quite complex and vary from building to building. Some buildings have multiple internal as well as external drainage systems that require specialized fixtures, materials, and expertise to keep it running effectively. As a homeowner, trying to fix your roof system is not an easy thing to do and should always be left to the professionals. Not only can you cause damage to your roofing system but you can also put yourself at risk in trying to fix something that you are not fully trained or equipped to do.

Need To Check Your Roof’s Drainage System?

Professional roofing companies can give your home a thorough inspection, with the knowledge and expertise for the best possible solution to any of your roofing problems. For drainage solutions and roofing leak repairs, contact a professional at Aabco Roofing Corp. Whether it is maintenance upkeep or a brand-new drainage system, Aabco Roofing Corp. can help you to get your roof functioning at an optimal level. Call us today at 1-954-426-8500.

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