The Best Roofing Tips For Hanging Holiday Decorations On Your Tile Roof

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Best Roofing Tips

The holidays are almost upon us and it’s time to bring out all of your holiday décor! There’s no better feeling than getting into the spirit of things by hanging holiday decorations on your roof. It’s an amazing sight to see since you’re able to do more than merely hang lights on your roof, you’re able to add in as much décor as you want! The sky is the limit, or in this case – your roof is your limit. As much as you want to hang holiday decorations on your tile roof, you need to make sure you don’t damage your roof in the process.

Hanging Outdoor Decorations For Extra Sparkle

Hanging decorations and lights outside always add that extra bit of festive cheer and sparkle to the neighborhood. Proper planning will ensure that your lights and decorations are up and twinkling away without any damage to your tile roof.


Planning ahead will be your best friend. Make a rough sketch of what you’d like to do to your roof this festive season and where you want to place your decorations or hang your lights. You could follow the outline of your roof, gutters, and windows or you could jazz it up in a different way. The choice is yours but proper planning is key.


Just because you have 2,000 lights doesn’t mean you should use them all, unless you are 100% certain that you won’t overload your household circuitry. Know what your circuit limits are and stick to them. Doing so will avoid an electrical fire that can potentially destroy your home and any seasonal cheer you may have had.

Bonus Tip: Test your lights while you’re on the ground to make sure that they’re in good working condition before you hang them up. It’s harder to fix any damaged or broken lights if they’re already on the roof.


Clips are lifesavers when it comes to hanging lighting or other decorations. You can avoid roof damage by making use of them to hold up your lights, without having to nail or glue anything down. These can even be clipped along your gutter to make it easier to display.

Remember that it’s easier to add clips to your lights while you’re on the ground. Try to also be consistent with where you are placing the clips along the light string so that it looks even when placed onto your roof.

Inflatables and Decorations

If you decide you’d like Santa and his reindeer on your roof or if you would like to add in inflatables to make your house pop, even more, make sure that everything is secured.

You can make use of sandbags to anchor the decorations or inflatables with either a sandbag or you can make use of a different kind of weighted anchor. Please make sure that you don’t have your inflatables up and going on windy days, it’s better to have them turned off to avoid unnecessary damage to your tile roof.

Professional Help

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional to help you decorate your roof. Provided you have a plan, you can enlist professional help to install your outdoor decorations without risking your tile roof in the process. Make sure you ask them for references to make sure that they haven’t damaged other roofs in the process.

Tile’s The Season To Be Jolly

No matter what you decide to do on your tile roof this festive season, make sure that you’re careful when doing it. While there are plenty of outdoor roofing decoration ideas for the holidays, find a style that you like the most and that suits your needs and budget. Remember, if you do find any faults with your tile roof while hanging your decorations, there are plenty of good reasons not to DIY your roof repair. Call a professional roofer from Aabco Roofing to handle all your tile roofing repairs!

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