The Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Roofing is a complicated subject. There are so many factors to consider when deciding on the best roof for your home. What roof style should you install? Should you go for tiles over shingles? Which color should you choose? Will it impact the comfort of your home in the summer if you choose one type over the other? And what about the cost? Choices, choices, choices! The simple answer is that there is a roof installation that caters to all your needs. Read on some more to discover why you should choose standing seam metal roofing for your home.

What Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

This name comes from how the roofs are installed. Metal sheets that run down from the apex of your roof down towards the gutters are joined together. This join takes the form of a fold or seam. This seam is upright and therefore considered to be “standing”. The two main types of joints are a snap-lock and mechanical lock. Snap-lock panels are easier to join while mechanically locked panels need to be crimped. The height of the standing seam is usually between 1.5 – 2 inches. This type of join makes the roof especially leak-proof since there are no holes pierced through the panels.

Costs Up-front vs Costs Over the Long Term

Often when people consider costs, they’ll think in terms of the costs up-front. With roofing, however, the costs could creep in over the long term. These costs are realized in maintenance. With South Florida infamous for its Hurricane season, your roof is at risk from weather damage. While standing seam roofing can be a costlier option to install, you will save on maintenance over time. Metal sheets are robust and cope well with the challenges of South Florida’s sun, wind, and rain. Another great advantage is that standing seam roofing employs a concealed fastening system. The weather will damage exposed fasteners and wear them out over time. Thereafter, your roof will develop a leak. With concealed fasteners, they are always out of harm’s way and protected by the sheet itself.

If It Looks Good on Top…

Chances are it looks good inside too. A good-looking roof will add to the curb appeal of your home. Your neighbors will love the design. Standing seam roofing has an elegant aesthetic to it. There’s something about the clean lines and uniform pattern that catches one’s attention. Metal roofing is available in many different color options too. This is thanks to the resin-based PVDF coating systems. More options make it easier for you to find the right color roof for your home.

Metal Roofs Beat the Heat

This is true of metal roofing in more ways than one. For temperature control, you can choose a highly reflective color that will bounce a lot of the sun’s UV rays back into the atmosphere. Metal roofs are also resistant to fire. Wildfires are on the rise and your home is less at risk with a metal roof. It’s helpful to note that standing seam metal roofing as a covering has a Class A fire rating. Your choice of roof underlayment will also affect your roof’s fire rating.

What About Energy Savings?

The South Florida climate is one of the warmest. You may spend a considerable amount on cooling. With metal roofs, a lot of the heat is reflected and not absorbed. This means that you can save a few bucks by not having to cool your home down as much. If you’re saving energy, then you’re contributing to saving the environment too.

Metal Means Longer Lifespan

If you buy a standing seam metal roof, you can expect it to last at least your entire lifetime. With anything from 50 years of service, you can see why this is often the last roof that a homeowner will install. It sure beats the 15 – 20 years that you can expect from an asphalt-based roof.

Let Us Look After Your Roofing Needs

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