Termite Damage? When To Consider A Roof Fascia Repair

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South Florida is going to be slammed with termites this season. Unfortunately, there is no natural deterrent and no natural way to get rid of them. Since they are unavoidable, you need to know when it’s time for termite damage repairs, specifically fascia repair.

What Are Termites?

These wood-destroying insects are the size of an ant, but don’t let their size fool you. In the United States alone, they cause upwards of $5 billion worth of damage every year! Clearly, these small pests can pack a big punch.

The damage can be ugly, but it also causes major structural problems. Most homes are made from the termite’s favorite materials: wood, metal siding, plaster, and insulation. It’s a termite’s playground. Since most of these materials aren’t visible on a daily basis, it’s hard to spot any signs of termites until it’s too late.

Don’t wait to have your home inspected if you suspect you have termites. The longer you wait, the more damage they will be able to do. The problems caused by termites go beyond damage to your wood. They can create paths for water to get into your home through your roof, which will create water damage and possibly mold. This is extremely damaging, especially with the Florida rain.

The sooner you fix your termite problem, the better. Waiting until the last minute when your wood structure is severely compromised can leave you with a huge bill and a structurally flawed home.

Signs You Have A Termite Problem

A huge indicator of termites is finding them in your home. You’ll see swarms of termites in or around your home when they start looking for a new place to colonize. You may also find detached termite wings, living, and dead termites. While finding actual termites is an obvious sign of an infestation, it’s not the only indication.

Take notice if your ceiling or walls start to buckle. When enough structural damage is done to your home, the beams could be giving out, causing them to bend. There could also be signs of water damage on your ceiling. Shingles on your roof could have slipped or moved from the damage allowing water to enter through your roof.

These are the signs that they have infiltrated your roof’s fascia, where your roof meets the outer walls of your home. You will find piles of sawdust on the ground, and there may be visible wood rot or wood that has been eaten away. There is also a possibility that you could see the maze structures they have eaten into the fascia.

Pay attention to these warning signs. If you notice them, a fascia repair could be crucial to the health of your home.

When You Should Get Your Fascia Repaired?

Before you have anyone come in to repair the damage, you need to get the termites eradicated from your home. This will typically include hiring an exterminator. Getting rid of the termites is essential because there’s no use in fixing the damage the termites have created if they can come back and damage the new wood you have installed.

You should have all the termite damage on your fascia checked by a roofing professional to see if you need fascia repair. You might need to completely replace the infiltrated areas of your roof, or it could just need more wood to help support the existing structure.

Do You Need To Repair Your Fascia?

Learn the extent of the damage and get a professional to give you an estimate on fascia repair. If you live in South Florida and termites have damaged your fascia, contact AABCO Roofing Inc. to set up an appointment. Call us at 1-954-426-8500 with any questions or inquiries.

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