Repairing Old Roof Leaks – Do I Need A New Roof

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Most people do not consider roof replacement as something that can actually save you a lot of money especially if it is seemingly simple roof leak that has suddenly sprung up. But the truth of the matter is that when roofs have reached their life expectancy, it’s usually more beneficial to remove the whole thing rather than spending money constantly trying to repair or patch it up. The problem lies in that homeowners are unaware of when they should try for a repair or when it’s time to replace the entire roof altogether.

Signs You Need A New Roof

We at AABCO Roofing have created a list for you to refer to that will help you know when it’s time for you to get on the phone and give us a call for roof replacement or roof maintenance.

  1. The Age of Your Roof

    The age at which a roof needs replacing is obviously dependent on the type of material which it is made out of, but most roofing experts agree that a standard asphalt roof will typically last up to 20 to 25 years. There are many other types of materials, but the theory is still the same. If you have a roof that’s older than its life expectancy and you are seeing signs of wear and tear, it’s time for a complete replacement. Remember that if you maintain your roof regularly, and get frequent inspections, it is likely that you can increase the life expectancy of your roof.

  2. Your Shingles Aren’t Looking Too Hot

    Shingles are one of the most common materials that is used to cover roofs. However, they aren’t immune to the damages that come with time and prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. Signs that it’s time to replace your roof is when the shingles show signs of curling or clawing, when there are shingles missing or when they start to crack. Problems with ignoring it or just replacing them involves uneven roofing, and this can subject your house and roof to the damages that come from leaks. If you have a leak in your roof, it may be time to replace the entire roof rather than just replacing the missing or damaged shingles.

  3. The Entire Roof is Sagging

    This is a serious sign that things are going south and should indicate an urgent need to act. A sagging roof is a sign that there is a structural problem with the roof; either that there is rotting in the trusses and the supports of the foundations of the roof, or it can be a problem with the decking. Either way, it’s a clear indication that it is time for you to phone up a roofing contractor to get it checked out.

  4. Flushing Your Flashing Down the Drain?

    The flashing is the part of the roof that surrounds chimneys, skylights and vents and is needed to prevent water from seeping into the roof at these areas. Make sure that these areas are properly inspected the next time you do maintenance on your roof. Look out for cracks or breaks in the flashing, which can lead to damage to the underlying structures. If there is damage to the flashing, consider the possibility that there may be damage to the underlying structures. This may then require further investigation and a possible redoing of the roof.

If you think that your roof may have any of these problems, it is probably time to call your roofing contractor to do a roof check and assessment to decide whether you need a simple fix or whether your roof has reached its limit. Contact AABCO Roofing for quality roofing contractors for all of your roofing needs or give us a call at 1-954-426-8500 today.

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