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The quality of commercial roofing has changed over time, with the growing popularity of certain products and systems. Certain systems have become more widely used because of the benefits that they provide with regards to climate and budget. Quality commercial roofing products and systems can be installed at affordable rates, the trick is to know what each product offers in value.

Commercial roofs are almost always designed to be nearly entirely flat, for various reasons, but this does mean that the roof gathers more water and needs to be able to bear more weight. Because of the collection of rain water, regular maintenance is a necessity. With this in mind, it is important to select a roofing system that is as durable as possible. Comparing products and materials makes it simpler to know which system will best suit your needs.

The Elements

There are a few factors that need to be considered in the wear and tear of a commercial roofing system.

  • Weather

    Nature has its way of wearing down on roofing. Flat commercial roofs gather rain water at a much higher rate. Materials used should factor in the weight of rain water, and secure against any leaks in the most efficient manner. Look at the strength of the seams of any roofing system you are considering. A number of products offer greater protection against leaks by the use of different materials. The sun and its damaging rays also need to be considered. Some materials will be better at reflecting these rays, and less heat will be absorbed. This impacts on the life span of your roof.

  • Weight

    Aside from the weight of rain water, consider how much foot traffic your roof is likely to be exposed to. Flat roofs make it easier to expand your building upwards, but this will also play a role in which products to use when installing a commercial roof.

  • Efficiency

    Wear and tear happens, and durability is important. Aesthetics may even play a role. When choosing a roofing system, though, it might be just as vital to consider that the same elements that affect the life span of your roof, will also impact your utility bill. You might choose a product that is lighter and better at reflecting the sun’s rays, and cost you less in utility bills.

Materials and Systems

Different installations offer different benefits. Taking a closer look will assist you in choosing the option that best fits your needs. The systems below offer great durability and are more cost effective than other options.

  • PVC Membrane

    This system has grown in popularity because it offers excellent protection against leaks – the seams are almost stronger than the material itself. It is more energy efficient and stronger than rubber.

  • Single ply

    The importance of durability and strength against the weight of rainwater and other elements, and single ply compares well to PVC membranes in this regard, whilst being a cheaper option. It also works well as an efficient option.

  • Modified Bitumen

    Modified bitumen is less likely than other membranes to be ripped open by sharp objects, which is a considerable benefit given Florida’s weather. It is a multi-ply membrane, and the top granule layer is aesthetic and energy efficient. The layers are mechanically welded together, and a ply overlap is then sealed to the base layer with a permanent adhesive. Although being a slightly more complex installation, it offers great heat resistance.

  • BUR

    This installation is heavy and requires reinforcement due to its many layers, but is arguably one of the most durable materials. Foot traffic and impacts are less of an issue with the top layer being gravel.

Whatever your requirements, and whichever system best fits these requirements, always ensure that the products being used are high quality and reputably manufactured. Aabco Roofing uses only top quality commercial roofing materials and products from widely accredited manufacturers. This makes a warranty an easy offer, and the necessary regular inspections much easier for you.

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