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There are many roofing systems to choose from if you live in South Florida, but not all roofing systems are created equal. Your roof is an important part of the structure and value of your home or commercial property, and you need a solution that can withstand South Florida’s climate.

Not sure what roofing system is best for you? Not to worry! In this guide by Aabco Roofing, you will learn about our favorite roofing systems and their merits, so that you can make an informed choice on your next roof.

Shingle Roofing 

A shingle roof is a roof system that is made up of overlapping shingles. What is a shingle? A roofing shingle is a rectangular piece of roofing material, usually made from wood, slate, or asphalt.

Shingle roof systems are popular because they last long and add an appealing visual element to your roof line. A shingle roof can easily last over twenty years. Shingles come in many colors and textures – they’re designed to mimic materials such as wood shakes, clay tiles, and flat stones. They are also extremely affordable, simple to install, and provide a lovely result!

Tile Roofing

Tile roofs, also known as Spanish tile or clay roof tiles, have been around for centuries in South Florida. They can be found on homes throughout the city from Coral Gables all the way down to Key West. Tile roof systems work well in high-moisture areas like South Florida thanks to their ability to handle moisture without leaking.

Tile roofs, while more costly and technically challenging to install, offer a beautiful roof option that has a long-life expectancy. This makes them a great roofing system choice for South Florida homes. Tile roofs are also resistant to fire, insect boring, and rotting – which are prevalent issues in our area thanks to our hot and humid climate!

Metal Roofing

Another roofing system that has been around since the 1700s, metal roof systems offer durability and low maintenance in one economical package to homeowners throughout South Florida. Metal roofs are made from steel or aluminum panels, which can be corrugated or smooth surfaced depending on your preference.

Metal roofs are well-known for their durability and energy efficiency, with metal roofing lasting up to three times longer than traditional shingle roofs. Metal roof systems are also fireproof and waterproof.

Tile/Metal Hybrid Roofing

Combining the beauty of tile roofing with the durability of metal roofing, a Tile/Metal hybrid roof system is one that offers homeowners everything they could want in their South Florida home’s exterior! These roofs are made from interlocking steel panels coated to look like traditional clay tiles.

These roof systems offer all of the benefits you would find when choosing either tile or metal roofing alone – including high-quality construction, long life expectancy, low maintenance requirements, affordability, heat resistance, and more!

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is a roof system that doesn’t have any slopes or angles. This roof type is perfect for commercial purposes, as they are used to cover flat roofs like garages and warehouses.

Flat roofing is an inexpensive option that can last a long time as they are built to withstand high winds. However, this roofing system requires regular maintenance as the lack of slope makes them vulnerable to pooling water which could lead to costly repairs down the road!

Asphalt roofing

Finally, asphalt roof systems are one of the most popular roof types in South Florida. Roll roofing, shingle roofs, and underlayment are the most common asphalt roofing materials.

Asphalt is a tar-like material made of hydrocarbons called bitumen. Bitumen is a petroleum derivative that occurs naturally in the ground. The asphalt is combined with a base of fiberglass or organic felt and molded into mats or sheets.

Like standing seam metal roof systems, this roof type offers durability and low-maintenance – two features that homeowners love to have in their homes! Asphalt roofs can last anywhere from ten to twenty years depending on its quality. However, they do require regular maintenance usually performed by a professional roofer for maximum results.

Turn to the Roofing System Experts at Aabco Roofing

We’ve offered you some helpful information about our favorite types of roofing systems and their pros and cons. If this still sounds daunting or if you need more advice, give the roofing experts at Aabco Roofing a call!

We have a team of experts at Aabco Roofing that can help you find the perfect roof for your home or property. We are here to provide guidance every step of the way. When you decide on the best roofing system for your budget and property type, we can install it for you so that it is done the right way.

Call us today at 1-954-426-8500 or contact Aabco Roofing online so we can start creating your beautiful new roof.

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