Now Is The Time To Fix Your Tile Roof

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Fix Your Tile Roof

How often do you look at your roof? Do you regularly check your roof tiles or do you only give them second thought when your roof is leaking or sagging? Tile roofs can last at least 25 years if they are well maintained. The secret to your tile roofs longevity is regular checking of the tiles. There is no time like the present to fix your tile roof!

How Do Tile Roofs Get Damaged?

Roof tiles are designed to be hardy but over time they can succumb to the following factors that could cause them to slip out of place, fall and break.

    • Large birds such as Ibis’ like to gather on roofs. Their weight may cause a loose tile to slip right out of position or break.
    • Strong winds and heavy rain such as those experienced during tropical storms and hurricanes could also cause tiles to break and or be move out of position.
    • Branches from overhanging trees can cause breakage.
  • Third party contractors can accidentally drop heavy items on the roof causing tiles to break or be displaced.

Can Damaged Tile Roofs Be Fixed?

The answer to that question is a definite yes. In most cases your tile roof can be fixed by just replacing broken tiles or re securing loose displaced tiles. Your professional roofing contractor will try and match the tile as closely as possible Sometimes the underlayment needs repairing or replacing. In a case like that, all the tiles in that area will be carefully removed, the underlayment repaired or replaced and the original tiles put back. Rarely will a whole tile roof need replacement but some reasons for doing so may include:

  • If more than 50% of the roof tiles are damaged or cracked, a roof replacement is recommended.

How Much Does Tile Roof Maintenance Cost?

The cost of roof maintenance will vary depending on among others, the following factors:

    • The size of the roof. The larger the roof, the higher the cost.
    • The type of roof tiles. Concrete roof tiles are the most cost effective with sandcast and clay roofs costing more.
    • The roof pitch. The steeper the roof, the higher the cost. The danger factor and the transport of the materials that cannot be loaded on the steep roof but need to be carried up and down, needs to be factored into the total cost.
  • If pest control, tree fellers or other contractors need to be consulted, that will add to the total cost.

When Is The Best Time To Get Your Tile Roof Fixed?

Your roof needs to be fixed as soon as any problem is detected as ignoring any roof damage can lead to extensive indoor damage to household goods, walls and flooring. Don’t delay getting your roof maintained or fixed because of the holiday season. With the weather being not only cooler, but also drier, it is the perfect time for your roofing contractor to be doing the necessary roof repairs.

DIY roof maintenance can be a very frustrating ordeal that is best avoided. Check your roof from the ground up at least twice a year and get the roofing professionals to do regular maintenance of broken or loose tiles. Come rainy season, let the pitter patter of rain on your roof lull you into a peaceful sleep instead of having you worry about possible leaks.

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