Matching Tiles During A Tile Roof Repair

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Tile Roof Repair

While tile roofing is a very popular option, tile roof repair can be rather frustrating. Although tile roofing is extremely durable, it is not immune to being damaged by branches or being blown off in strong winds. Unless you have a few extras laying around, trying to find a tile that is an exact match to the rest of the roof can be tricky. It’s not just a matter of matching the color, but also matching the manufacturer, style, and materials. This is why when trying to repair your tile roof, we recommend asking a professional like Aabco Roofing for help.

Identify the Manufacturers of Your Existing Tiles

In order to manufacture a roofing tile, you need to follow a recipe, similar to baking. In baking, you can find lots of different recipes for the same food item. Although you end up with a similar food product, it will look or taste slightly different.

The same can be said for the manufacturing of tiles. Each manufacturer has their own process or recipe that they follow when making their tiles. This means that their roofing tiles will differ in look and functionality from other manufacturer’s products. For this reason, the first step when looking to replace a broken is to identify the manufacturer of your existing tiles.

Keep Your Roof a Consistent Color

Finding a matching color tile can be very tricky if you are unsure of the manufacturer. There are a variety of color options, not to mention variations within the same color. Roofing tiles are available in different shades of one color or even lots of colors combined into one. Ultimately, the easiest and most certain way to find a matching tile is to find the manufacturer.

Tile Style

Unfortunately, simply matching the color of the tile to the rest of the roof is not enough. Both the profile and the texture of the tile need to match when replacing a roofing tile. This is because both will have a huge impact on the overall look of your home’s roof.

While the most common roof profile is raised barrel or rounded with flat edges there are a lot of different options. Matching the profile not only creates an overall unified look but ensures a tight fit and protection of your home.

Materials Used to Create the Tiles

Similar to its variety in color and style, roofing tiles are available in different materials, some of which are concrete, clay, and slate. Tiles made from each of these different materials have their own unique look and functions.

Trying to replace your missing tile with one made from another material will leave your roof looking uneven and vulnerable. Doing this would open your roofing system up to leaks and undermine its energy efficiency.

Where the Existing Tiles Originated

Sometimes your roofing system may be tiled using a product sourced from overseas. If this is the case, your tile roof repair process may have just gotten a lot more complicated, especially if you’re looking for an older tile.

If no residential roofing companies have access to that tile, you may find yourself having to make international calls, sometimes to people of another language. Unfortunately, if that isn’t difficult enough, special orders may take a month to arrive or leave you battling with customs and international taxes.

How Aabco Roofing Can Help With Your Tile Roof Repair

With the world as chaotic as it is right now, Aabco Roofing understands that the last thing you want to be dealing with is finding a perfectly matching roof tile. As a licensed and experienced roofing company, we would like to take that and any other roofing issues off your hands. Call us today at 954-426-8500 for anything roof related, big or small.

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