Leaky Skylight? Diagnosis & Skylight Repair Tips

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Leaky Skylight

A skylight is a clever architectural feature that helps bring in natural light into the darkest of rooms. While they are a beautiful piece of design and have a number of benefits, they suffer from one major downside—leaks. All skylights are prone to leaking with age and because of the storms we often experience in Florida, skylights can lead to major property damage if not repaired correctly.

If you are struggling with a leaky skylight or would like to err on the side of caution and know the signs of a leaky skylight, our roofing pros have been kind enough to share a decade’s worth of knowledge.

How To Diagnose A Leaky Skylight

There is no better way to identify a leak than doing a thorough inspection.

With the high levels of humidity that some areas of Florida experience and the common use of air-conditioners, it’s natural for skylights to experience excessive condensation that drips down the glass. This is nothing to be concerned about, you may require something as simple as an anti-fogging product.

If your skylight can open, make sure there is nothing preventing it from fully closing. Debris like leaves, sticks, and dirt can prevent the skylight from closing properly, block drainage channels in the frame, and even prevent the weather seals from making a waterproof seal with the frame.

It’s also important to remember that weather seals can age with exposure to the sun and water. Damaged and worn weather seals are one of the most common causes of skylight leaks. They also happen to be the easiest repair to make as it simply requires the seals to be replaced.

Sometimes your skylight isn’t the problem at all and common roof leaks are to blame. On sloped roofs, damage to shingles or tiles above the skylight can allow water in, which then travels down your roof until it finds an escape route through your skylight.

Common Skylight Repairs

Besides worn weather seals which we have already discussed, the second most common cause of a leaking skylight is damage to the insulated glass and the point where the glass meets the frame. The only repair for cracked glass is to replsce the skylight.

If the leak is located where the skylight meets the roof repairs to the flashing can be done by using a modified paper and roofing cement to seal and cover any holes or gaps. We always recommend that you hire a professional roofer to remove the affected areas and seal the flashing area around the skylight correctly as soon as possible.

Also, Some older skylights that are not made of a corrosion-resistant material like aluminum or stainless steel, or have not been painted with the appropriate weatherproofing products and begin to rust or rot will require the entire skylight to be replaced.

Whether you are experiencing roof leaks, thinking of installing a skylight, or any other roofing situation you’re under, at Aabco Roofing we’ve got you covered! Call us today at (954) 752-8221.

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