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Skylights are an interesting addition to homes and businesses. They are a transmitting fenestration (elements filling building envelope openings) which form all, or a part of, the roof of a building’s space for day lighting purposes. They allow natural light and warmth to radiate into rooms by bathing them in sunlight. As with any installation however, it is important to consider the most common difficulties faced with them, what causes these difficulties, as well as how to go about repairing them. When it comes to skylight repair, this is no different.

What Are the Common Problems Faced with Skylights?

One of the most common problems that presents with skylights is leaking. Leaking skylights allow water or moisture to flow into and enter houses, rooms, businesses, and buildings that have leaking skylights.

What Causes a Skylight to Start Leaking?

There are many different reasons for leaking skylights. These include poor installation (where the skylight is not fitted properly in the first place), poor maintenance (where the skylight does not receive the proper care over time, resulting in leaks) and aging (where the materials used in the skylight or its sealing deteriorate over time and become more susceptible to leaks).

One of the most common reasons for these failings are the flashings of skylights. In roofing, flashing refers to thin pieces of impervious material that is installed in order to prevent water passing into a structure (such as a house) from a joint or as part of a weather resistant barrier. Flashings are intended to prevent or decrease water passage at objects such as chimneys, vents or indeed, skylights. Poorly installed, maintained or aging flashing-or indeed a combination of the three-can result in water being allowed to pass through the installation and into structures such as homes or businesses.

It also important to consider, that although a leak may seem as though it is coming from a skylight, this may not always be the case as water can flow sideways and down to lower points. For example, although the water may seem to be coming through the skylight, it may be the result of a chimney on the same roof with poorly installed, maintained or aged flashing-or any other number of factors.

How to Go About Repairing Skylights

Earlier it was mentioned how skylight problems can be a result of any number of factors. For example, when it comes to installing skylights on steep roofs, step flashings should be woven into every course of shingles using an upper and lower saddle type. It is clear that the installation, maintenance, and aging of skylights are all important when it comes to skylight repair. The correct installation and maintenance will decrease the need for repair and the use of the proper materials will prevent poor aging.

As there are so many factors to take into consideration when repairing skylights, it is recommended that professional, high-quality roofing contractors are used. They can inspect the skylights and will have a vast knowledge of everything to do with them, the problems they face and how to go about repairing them. They will be able to offer you solutions on how to go about repairing damaged skylights and also offer high quality repairs. It may seem easy or cheaper to fix by using a friend’s help or doing it yourself but using high-quality roofing contractors is a way of ensuring high-quality assessment, work and peace of mind when it comes to skylight repair.

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