Is Your Roof Leaking? AABCO Repairs That!

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Do you check all areas of your roof regularly for leaks? If you have some areas in your home or business that don’t get as much foot traffic, be sure to check it once in a while. Roofs in Florida take the strain from our severe environmental conditions and roof leaks happen easily as a result. The problem is that a leak can lead to some serious damage, and fast. A seemingly small problem could actually extend quite far into less visible areas and the repercussions are not fun!

Leaks Bring Mold

Have you ever dealt with a mold problem?

Mold sets in shockingly quickly, and spreads. It causes allergy type symptoms and exacerbates health conditions like asthma. It can even lead to walls needing to come down. Regular checks and sooner repairs are a must.

Even if you get lucky and escape the mold problem, damp in the walls presents its own range of problems, from unwanted smells to health issues. Drips can cause damage to the flooring below and the surface through which it drips through will likely be soaked extensively by the time it reaches this point.

Roof Leaks and Insurance Problems

The last thing you want is a roof with any leaks before hurricane season hits. Roof leaks that pre-date hurricane season could void insurance claims. This is especially true if you were aware of any leaks or if insurance can indicate that reasonable measures could have been taken that would have lessened the extent of the damage.

It is always better to fix leaks early. Accidental damage can happen and it is probably something that you have insurance cover for, but if pre-existing leaks were in the same space it could justify your claim payout being far less. Leaks of different sizes can compromise the integrity of the roof structure.

It is also not advisable to try and fix any roof leaks yourself. First, it is dangerous and proper safety measures need to be in place. Second, DIY fixes can also leave your insurer reluctant to payout for any issues down the line. Inspectors will inevitably pick these things up.

You may not always be able to consider how far-reaching the effects of a leak can be. If a leak has led to mold, then you may have further problems as general homeowners insurance policies seldom cover mold. Calling an expert roofing contractor for even a small leak will ensure better payouts. Calling one early will prevent issues down the line.

Roof Leaks are Not Economical

Every leak, big or small (small is big when it’s a leak) taxes your pocket. It is not cost-effective to leave a leak alone too long. Regular maintenance and waterproofing go a long way in preventing one-time large costs, but as we said earlier – the weather here takes its toll.

Earlier we indicated the risk of damage in other areas, like the floor, resulting from leaks. If you have the opportunity to fix a leak before it worsens and damages more of your property then you are in luck.

Leaks by nature get worse and so it is best to do repairs. At the very least, have the problem diagnosed by an experienced team of experts in your area. Local roofing contractors will be able to advise how much damage can be anticipated and what costs you are looking at.

Aabco Roofing will see to it that any kind of water leak in your tile, commercial or flat roof, or shingle roof is sufficiently repaired. We can advise on if there is further damage, and recommend a maintenance plan suited to your roof’s condition. All roofs have weak points. Special features might be more prone to damage. So check these first. There are signs to look out for that let on to hidden roof leaks. Be sure to be on the lookout for any signs of a leaky roof and give us a call if you find any!

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