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If you own a home, commercial building or office space, you understand the need for assurance that your asset will be protected if any unforeseen events were to occur. The costs of insurance are calculated based on how likely you are to claim from the insurance company and can come at a pretty penny. One often overlooked way to decrease the cost of your insurance premiums is by taking care of your roofing with these basic commercial roofing repair tips.

It’s About What It’s Made Of

Your insurance premiums are greatly affected by the materials your roof is made of. If you’re looking to build a roof or replace an existing one, speak to a professional roofing contractor or to your insurance broker about the materials that are considered higher quality, longer lasting and therefore, lower risk. Specific additions like hail resistant, fire resistant, or impact resistant materials can greatly reduce your premiums and the frequency with which you repair and claim.

It’s About Where It Comes From

Remember to consult with a professional about which features are best suited to your location. Different areas have different climates and are, therefore, more likely to experience certain types of weather and expect a certain level of damage and frequency of roofing repair. If you live in a hot, dry climate, investing in fire resistant material would be more beneficial than hail resistant material.

It’s About How Much You Care

As mentioned earlier, risk plays an important role in the calculation of your insurance premiums. It stands to reason then, that a well looked-after roof will carry less of a risk for claims and may potentially result in a lower insurance cost. Regular maintenance also alerts you to problems that may need attention immediately. Early roof repairs are faster, cheaper and less likely to involve your insurance. Remember, every claim increases your premiums.

It’s About How Long It’s Been Around

Having an older roof system or one that has seen many years is more likely to be quoted as a high insurance risk. Some insurance companies consider lowering their insurance rates for companies who choose to install new roofs with better materials. New roofs, better materials and good maintenance plans show insurance companies that you take responsibility for your home or commercial building and, in the event that you do need to file a claim, will improve your chances of it being approved.

It’s About Who You Speak To

Being able to call up your insurance provider and ask them about their policies regarding commercial roofing can be extremely beneficial to lowering your monthly premiums. However, it is important to cross reference the advice given by insurance companies with a professional roofing contractor, like AABCO Roofing Inc. Sometimes the cheaper insurance option may not be the best option for your structure. Speaking to a professional about the extent of repairs, the level of maintenance and value of materials is essential to ensuring that you get the best deal for your business at the end of the day.

Never be afraid to question your insurance brokers or ask for advice from your contractors to make sure you get the best balance for your home or commercial building’s roof. If you have any questions about repairing, replacing or just inspecting your roof, don’t hesitate to contact us at AABCO Roofing Inc.

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