Hurricane Preparedness Tips From A Roof Repair Company

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Hurricane season seems to sneak up on us every year, but this time you’re going to be prepared. Once the strong gusts of wind and heavy rain hit, your family, home, and roof need to be protected. Our roof repair company will help you prepare for hurricanes like a pro so that your family will be safe, and your roof won’t suffer.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Let’s take care of you and your family first. The most critical thing you’ll need is an emergency plan and kit. Gather all of your important documents, phone numbers, and even cash just in case flooding occurs. It would help if you also considered creating a go-bag filled with clothes, medication, toiletries, and personal items to prepare for a possible evacuation.

Evacuation is a worst-case scenario, but you should always hope for the best while preparing for the worst. If you don’t want to create a go-bag, at least create a checklist. That way, if evacuation is necessary, you can quickly grab the items on your list without leaving anything behind. Don’t forget to include irreplaceable items and your favorite family photos on the list.

If you have a lot of valuable or priceless items, it doesn’t hurt to get a waterproof and fire-proof safe. That way, you can leave those items behind without worrying about their condition, and they will be there when you get back home.

Of course, the hope is that you won’t have to evacuate. So, you should have bottled water, canned food, and basic medical supplies stocked in your home. Flashlights and battery-operated fans too! When your power goes out, you don’t want to get stuck in your home and become hungry, dehydrated, and hot.

Risks To Your Roof

In addition to the risks hurricane season can pose to your family, they also put your roof at risk. They can cause significant damage to all areas of your home, but they can tear apart your roof. The wind can throw debris and large tree branches onto your roof and cause structural damage to your roofing system.

It can be beneficial to have a roof repair company on hand for shingles are blown off or shifted, branches get stuck on your roof, or if water begins to infiltrate your home. Water infiltration is common because it can enter through any holes, improper shingles, missing flashing, or any tiny crack in your roof.

It doesn’t matter if the holes, cracks, and imperfections occur before or after the hurricane; the storm can always exacerbate them. Leaks can cause water stains, wood rot, and mold that leave your entire home vulnerable.

What Should You Do?

You can start by calling a roof repair company before and after hurricane season to get your roof inspections. The inspection will help catch smaller issues with your roof, like loose shingles, before they become an expensive repair. The second inspection, after hurricane season, is to see if the storm created any problems.

You can do your part by visually inspecting the inside and outside of your roofing system after each storm. Look at your roof from the ground and see if you can spot any debris or missing shingles. Then, go into your attic with a flashlight and look for signs of water damage.

While you’re in the attic, look for any sunlight coming through your roof; there could be a crack. No sunlight should be entering your attic through your roofing system. Pay attention to the smell as well. You might be able to smell dampness and mold before you see it. If you notice any of these signs, call your roof repair company.

Roof Repair Company In South Florida

You want a roof repair company that will be with you before, during, and after hurricane season. Call AABCO Roofing today at 954-426-8500 or contact us today for a free estimate. We want to help you prepare for the next hurricane season. Don’t let yourself be caught by surprise by an unexpected roof repair.

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