How To Prevent A Leaking Skylight

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Leaking Skylight

A skylight is pleasant way to save money on electric, while increasing the amount of natural light coming into your home. While this desirable feature reduces stress, a leaking skylight could bring it right back. There are many benefits to installing a skylight in your home and preventive measures that can be taken to avoid your skylight from leaking. It is as easy as knowing where to install one, and why installing one is right for you. Here are some tips to think about before, during, and after installation.

Reasons To Get A Skylight

Besides adding a kind of ‘wow’ factor to your home, the addition of skylights can have a direct benefit on you and your family.

  • Light It Up

    No matter which room it is placed in, a skylight allows for natural light to enter your home. Yellow or florescent lights cannot compete with natural white light that a skylight allows in. A skylight has the ability to change a dark, dingy room into a comfortable and inviting one. It also gives you the freedom to decorate and store items in your home as you please, without stress of sacrificing natural light.

  • Cost Effective- For Your Home And The Environment

    Natural light from above not only creates a comfortable and relaxing feel to a room but reduces the need for use of electrical lighting during the daytime. They add a balanced lighting to any room and remove stress from your wallet. Besides being cost effective, it is also a greener option and better for our environment.

  • Promoting Health

    It has been proven that natural sunlight does wonders for your body and mind. Natural light entering your home nourishes your psyche and reduces stress and anxiety.

What Causes A Skylight To Leak?

Similar to most household things, there are a number of different factors that could lead to a leaking skylight.

  1. The metal frame around the skylight, connecting it to the roof, is known as the flashing. If the skylight is old, the flashing may be damaged and need to be replaced with a newer, and potentially more durable, one.

  2. The skylight itself may not be the problem, but roof damage may allow water to enter the house through the skylight. Roof repairs should fix this problem.

  3. If the skylight is new and starts leaking, it may have been improperly installed. The company that installed it should be contacted to identify the problem. The professional will be able to determine whether to replace or repair your skylight.

  4. Skylights that have been made properly have ‘weep holes’ along the perimeter of the glass. This allows for water to escape during condensation. Condensation occurs when the temperature outside differs greatly to the temperature inside your home. The skylight may leak if the holes are clogged or do not work properly and a professional should be contacted for advice on how to fix this problem.

Prevent A Leaking Skylight

There are steps that need to be taken before and after a skylight is installed to prevent it from leaking.

Before Installation

  • Do research on the roofing materials you have, and which ones are best suited for a skylight. Shingles, slate, and tiles tend to help with a watertight installation.

  • Choose the locations of the skylights carefully and ask for professional advice. Despite flawless installation, certain areas of a roof are not skylight friendly and will lead to problems later on.

After Installation

  • Roof maintenance is important, especially when there has been damage. The quicker the repair, the less risk there is of a leaking skylight.

  • Regular inspections of both the roof and skylight can help detect problem early on and save money by avoiding larger problems later on.

Although there are different factors that cause a skylight to leak, installation and inspections by a professional is an easy way to avoid this. Embrace all the benefits of a skylight by calling AABCO Roofing for a professional and smooth-running encounter.

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