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Flat Roof maintenance

Over the past ten years, flat roofs and their materials have been engineered to be more durable, stylish and strong which has significantly lessened some of their common downfalls. However, if your flat roof is old – even if you have had it built fairly recently – you will need to have regular roof maintenance done to ensure it functions optimally. A roof is possibly the most vital aspect of any house – keeping you cool, dry, and sheltered – and so professional maintenance is key. Not having your roof inspected could mean that small, easy-to-fix issues turn into ones that are costly and serious. So, let’s discuss proper flat roof maintenance: what needs to be done, when and why, and save yourself the stress and money of needing roof replacement!

What Maintenance Needs To Be Done On A Flat Roof?

As your roof ages and the materials begin to wear down, the chance of problems arising increases. As a general rule of thumb, a proper roof inspection needs to be done twice a year, and maintenance at least once annually. Scheduling regular inspections with a trusted roofing company is highly advisable. Under the eye of a professional, no fault will go unnoticed, meaning that small problems cannot turn into big ones where roof repair or even replacement is needed. These are some common issues that arise with flat roofs:

  1. Leaks

    If you are experiencing frequent leaking, it is a sure sign that your roof is in its old age and may need replacing. However, leaks can be fairly common, and if detected early on can be fixed quite easily. In the case of flat roofs, water tends to pool more easily whereas with slanted roofs it would run off immediately. If left unnoticed for more than 48 hours the water could potentially penetrate the roof cover and degrade the material below. Note that leaks can be prevented by having a professional determine the areas where moisture may have saturated.

  2. Blistering

    This is when patches of the roofing material separate, becoming raised and sponge-like which is caused by either poor installation, or moisture and air in the felt layers. Blistering can harm the waterproofing abilities of your roof.

  3. Loose Flashing

    Flashing is a metal strip that is placed at the points where the roof meets another surface to stop water from entering. Flashings can come loose fairly often, and so this is one of the most common checks that a serviceman would perform, along with inspecting the seams and roof membrane to ensure they are watertight.

  4. Clogged Gutters

    Debris collects in the gutters easily which can cause excess weight on your roof and even puncture or damage it. Clogged gutters also mean that water cannot drain away properly, causing decay of materials. Although this may seem like a minor issue, ignoring it can cause much more serious problems.

The Advantages Of Regular Roof Inspection and Maintenance

It is commonly thought that keeping a roof in good condition means lots of DIY! However, it is recommended rather to have bi-annual professional inspections where any small issues can be noticed immediately and straightened out. Living in areas with extreme weather conditions such as heat, humidity, rain, and wind means that any roof will experience wear and tear. After all, a roof is an investment to the overall wellbeing of your home, and taking good care of it will save you in the long run. Professional, routine maintenance will ensure that:

  • All leaks, blisters, clogs, damage (etc.) will be noticed and potentially prevented.
  • You are able to budget properly because an inspector will tell you when the roof will need repairs or replacement, meaning that you don’t have to scramble to get the money together at the last minute.
  • You have a good, recorded history of proper roof care should you need to file for an insurance claim.
  • The lifespan of your roof is prolonged.
  • You have peace of mind that your roof is in top condition.

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